17 Navy Blue Flower Names

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Are you looking for Navy Blue Flower Names on the internet? Well, your search ends here! Keep on reading to find the best ones!

Navy Blue Flower Names – this opens the palette of sapphire-like blossoms that captivate with their near-mystical charm, their deep, dark shades standing out amidst the traditional palette of pinks, yellows, and whites! Keep scrolling to discover a curated list of awe-inspiring navy blue flowers that will elevate any space they grace.

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How Navy Blue Color Differs from Normal Blue and Purple Color in the Flower Kingdom

Hue Intensity and Depth

  • Navy Blue: A darker, deeper shade that incorporates more black into its composition. This makes navy blue flowers look almost like they have a touch of shadow or darkness enveloping them.
  • Normal Blue: This is a bright, vibrant color that tends to stand out and is closer to what one would consider “true blue.”
  • Purple: Purple flowers have a blend of blue and red in their composition, which gives them a different character altogether, appearing more vibrant or softer depending on the shade.


  • Navy Blue: True navy blue flowers are exceedingly rare, making them unique and often highly sought-after for their sophisticated hue.
  • Normal Blue: While not as common as red or yellow flowers, blue flowers are more readily available than navy blue ones.
  • Purple: These are relatively common in the floral kingdom and are easier to find in various plant species.

Emotional Impact and Symbolism

  • Navy Blue: Navy blue often conveys a sense of sophistication, authority, and elegance.
  • Normal Blue: Bright blue flowers usually evoke feelings of calm, serenity, and openness.
  • Purple: Purple is commonly associated with royalty, luxury, and sometimes, mystery.

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Application and Usage

  • Navy Blue: Due to their rarity and the sophistication they bring, navy blue flowers are often used in formal and high-end settings.
  • Normal Blue: These flowers are versatile, suitable for both casual and formal arrangements.
  • Purple: Used widely in various types of arrangements and can suit a variety of themes and settings.

Visual Compatibility

  • Navy Blue: Works well with lighter hues and metallics, as it provides a deep contrast.
  • Normal Blue: Pairs well with a variety of colors, including yellows, whites, and even purples.
  • Purple: Highly versatile and can complement colors ranging from deep greens to bright yellows and whites.

Navy Blue Flower Names

Some of the flowers in this list may have a slight hue of lavender, purple, or light blue in the early stages of their development (Apparent in some of the images) and may take a rich blue shade when mature.

1. Cornflower

Navy Blue Flower Names 1

Botanical name: Centaurea cyanus

This takes the crown when it comes to any list that gets tagged as Navy Blue Flower Names. With its bright navy blue flowers in the early summer, cornflower is a famous pollinator for your garden.

2. Balloon Flower

Botanical name: Platycodon grandiflorus

This navy beauty has balloon-shape buds that burst into bloom in the middle of summer. It’s a fun addition to nay garden for a touch of royal hue.

3. Delphinium

Navy Blue Flower Names 3

Botanical name: Delphinium spp.

The Delphinium is a beautiful plant that blooms in the late spring. It has tall spires with deep blue blooms.

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4. Bachelor’s Button

Botanical name: Centaurea montana

These beautiful navy blue flowers are called Mountain Cornflowers and bloom in the spring. They are low-maintenance and thrive in poor soil.

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5. Blue Anemone

Navy Blue Flower Names 5

Botanical name: Anemone blanda

These delicate, star-shap navy-blue blossoms bloom in early spring, signaling the arrival of warmer weather. It is ideal for naturalizing woodland gardens.

6. Blue Rock Cress

Botanical name: Aubrieta deltoidea

The Blue Rock Cress is next on our list of Navy Blue Flower Names. It is a low-growing herbaceous plant that blooms in spring, bringing a navy-blue hue to the garden.

7. Sunny Broder Blue

Navy Blue Flower Names 7

Botanical name: Veronica spp.

The spiky clusters of these plants attract bees and butterflies. The best part is, this flower is not at all fussy and does well in any type of soil.

8. Blue Leadwort


Botanical name: Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Blue Leadwort’s intense navy blossoms appear in late summer, and its foliage turns fiery red in autumn – creating an awesome color combination!

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9. Blue Ginger

Navy Blue Flower Names 9

Botanical name: Dichorisandra thyrsiflora

Blue Ginger’s deep blue-purplish cone-shap blooms stand out in late summer, and it thrives in tropical regions with rich, well-draining soil.

10. Evolvulus Blue My Mind


Botanical name: Evolvulus hybrid

Next on our list of Navy Blue Flower Names, this low-growing plant offers an abundance of navy-blue blooms throughout the season, perfect for edging flower beds and thriving in well-drained soil.

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11. Blue Globe Thistle

Navy Blue Flower Names 11

Botanical name: Echinops ritro

The spiky blue globes of Blue Globe Thistle bloom during the summer months, drawing the attention of bee and butterfly pollinators.

12. Blue Witchford Lithodora

Botanical name: Lithodora diffusa ‘Blue’

This evergreen ground cover boasts intense navy-blue blooms in spring. You can pair it with different color flowers to maximize its royal hue!

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13. Black and Blue Salvia

Navy Blue Flower Names 13

Botanical name: Salvia guaranitica

This variety of Salvia has deep blue to almost navy blue tubular flowers. It is known for its vibrant color and is a hummingbird magnet. You can also go for Victoria blue.

14. Mystic Spires Blue Salvia

Botanical name: Salvia longispicata x farinacea

‘Mystic Spires Blue’ features spires of deep blue flowers, nearly navy at times, that attract butterflies and bees. It’s a compact version of ‘Indigo Spires’.

15. Midnight Blue Agapanthus

Navy Blue Flower Names 15

Botanical name: Agapanthus africanus

‘Midnight Blue’ is an Agapanthus variety that has deep, dark blue flowers, close to navy. The plant produces large spherical clusters of these flowers in summer.

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16. Petunia

Botanical name: Petunia ‘Tumbelina’

Its double, frilly blooms are so deeply colored that they almost appear velvety to the eye. The rich navy hue adds an element of sophistication and depth to your garden, contrasting vividly with lighter flowers and green foliage.

17. Tall Beareded Iris

Navy Blue Flower Names 17

Botanical name: Iris ‘Superstition’

Last on our list of Navy Blue Flower Names, its each petal seems to capture the essence of a night sky, combining the deepness of navy with subtle, almost iridescent, lighter shades. The color is so arresting that it can become a focal point in any landscape!

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