13 Most Beautiful Long Stem Roses for the Garden

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Here is the list of the Best Long Stem Roses showcasing exquisite blooms with extended stems for elegant arrangements!

These Long Stem Roses are the best way to make your garden stand out with towering blooms! We have listed out the most beautiful ones for you.

Long Stem Roses

1. Johann Strauss

Most Beautiful Long Stem Roses for the Garden

Height: 4-5 feet

First on the list of long-stem roses is Johann Strauss. From late spring through fall, this delightful variety produces clusters of lightly scented, fully double flowers.

2. French Lace

Beautiful Long Stem Roses for the Garden

Height: 3-4 feet

Exhibiting a truly enchanting charm, this rose variety presents exquisite blooms in delicate hues of ivory, buff, and the softest apricot. The blossoms grace a dense, bushy plant.

3. Hot Cocoa

Long Stem Roses

Height: 3-5 feet

Hot Cocoa is the next on our list of long-stem roses. The flowers display shades of russet with a darker reverse, showcasing a captivating blend of chocolate and orange hues.

4. Black Magic

Long Stem Roses for the Garden

Height: 5-7 feet

Black Magic roses showcase lush, velvety black-red petals, emitting a gentle fragrance while boasting the ability to bloom consistently.

5. Chicago Peace

Beautiful Long Stem Roses for the Garden

Height: 4-7 feet

Chicago Peace showcases a vibrant pink hue, complemented by yellow accents and a radiant orange blush near the center, creating a captivating and warm floral display.

6. Christian Dior

Gorgeous Garden Roses with Long Stems

Height: 4-6 feet

Introduced in 1958, this cherry-red hybrid tea rose has garnered significant popularity over the years. Notably, the flower buds of this rose are exceptionally alluring.

7. Double Delight

best Gorgeous Garden Roses with Long Stems
Jeff Angie Gautier Sybrant

Height: 4-5 feet

Typically reaching a height of 4-5 feet, these long stem roses captivate with their exquisite fragrance. The blooms are characterized by creamy white centers.

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8. Fragrant Cloud

Magnificent Garden Roses with Long Stems

Height: 30 inches to 5 feet

True to its name, this rose emits a powerful, intoxicating scent and showcases vibrant coral red-orange blooms on long stems.

9. Queen Elizabeth

Stunning Garden Roses with Long Stems

Height: 4-6 feet

The blossoms showcase a lovely silver-pink color. These regal flowers are mostly borne solitary or in long-stemmed clusters.

10. Arizona

Absolutely Gorgeous Garden Roses with Long Stems

Height: 5 feet

These long-stem roses showcase hints of pink and yellow hues. Interestingly, the colors intensify during cooler weather, making this rose particularly captivating in cold regions.

11. Wild Blue Yonder

Gorgeous Long-Stemmed Roses for the Yard

Height: 4-5 feet tall

Wild Blue Yonder showcases double flowers with a captivating fragrance. The petals are wavy and display a rich purple-red color with enchanting lavender undertones.

12. Fragrant Plum

Long-Stemmed Roses for the Yard

Height: 4-7 feet

With its deep green foliage, this long stem rose showcases medium to large grandiflora blossoms in a charming lavender shade, accented with darker purple edges.

13. Gold Medal

Gorgeous Roses with Long Stems for the Garden

Height: 5-6 feet

Last on the list of long stem roses is the gold medal. It features deep golden-yellow fragrant blooms from spring to fall. This long-stemmed variety is a great choice for borders.

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