25 Beautiful Indoor Elephant Ear Ideas from Instagram

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Large foliage plants bring a lovely tropical feel indoors. If you too want to have one in your room, then check out these Indoor Elephant Ear Ideas!

These Indoor Elephant Ear Ideas are the best way to add a green appeal to your rooms while creating a lush and larger-than-life look in the home.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Elephant Ear plants indoors 

Indoor Elephant Ear Ideas

1. Giant Taro

2. Taro with a Large Wooden Mirror Frame

3. Colocasia Black Magic

4. As We All Know, Caladium is a Type of Elephant Ear


5. Mojito on a Tabletop

6. Tea Cup Colocasia

7. Illustris Colocasia

8. Black Coral

9. Amazonian Elephant Ear

10. Alocasia Lime Zinger

11. Lime Zinger

12. Alocasia Portora

13. Black Stem Elephant Ear

14. Hilo Beauty

15. Red Secret

16. Silver Dragon

17. Morocco

18. Portodora

19. Ivory Coast

20. Micholitziana Frydek

21. Small Wonder!

22. Plain Green Specimen for the Shelf


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23. Veined and Beautiful!


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24. A Bold One for the Corner


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25. The Classy Two!


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