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How Rusty Nails Can Save Your Dying Plants

It may sound unusual that How Rusty Nails Can Save your Dying Plants, but it’s actually possible–You can revive your plants with this easy trick.

How Rusty Nails Can Save your Dying Plants

Maintaining healthy and productive plants can sometimes be quite difficult, and it is always good to learn some handy tricks–just like this one–How Rusty Nails Can Save your Dying Plants!

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What Do Rusty Nails Have?

Rusty nails contain iron oxide, a reddish brittle coating, which forms when iron and oxygen react together in the presence of moisture in the air (water). Also known as ferric oxide, the rust in nails can provide iron to plants, which is beneficial for plants.

Why Plants Require Iron?

Plants require iron to stay healthy, but only in small amounts. The iron deficiency in plants can cause pale yellow and weak leaves, poor or stunted growth, and stressful plants with falling leaves. Iron is also essential for a few enzyme functions in several plants.

If the soil has too much lime or it’s alkaline, it can cause iron deficiency in the plants. You can rectify it using iron fertilizer or using this rusty nail water trick if there are not many plants or the proportion is small.

How Rusty Nails Can Save your Dying Plants

Because rusty nails contain iron, which is the main component of the various physiological and biochemical activities in plants, it is an essential part of the vital enzymes like cytochrome and helps in chlorophyll synthesis.

Supplementing the plants with the iron oxide in nails will also help in chloroplast structure and function. As a result, making them greener, healthy, and more active.

Rusty Nails for Acidic Plants

Not much, but rusty nails can slightly increase the soil acidity, which helps the acidic plants. While you may not be able to get the blue color of hydrangea flowers by this hack, it definitely works for small container plants. Similarly, gardenia, azalea, ixora, and many other plants benefit from this.

Here is a list of acid-loving plants you should know about

How to Use Rusty Nails 

How Rusty Nails Can Save your Dying Plants 2

1. Try Rusty Nail Water

You can put your rusty nails to good use by submerging them in water for 4-5 days. Once the water turns brown with the rust, use it sprinkle on the leaves or water it the usual way.

2. Rusty Nails in the Pot

Poke 8-10 rusty nails in a pot around the plant. Every time you’re going to water, the rust from nails will help.

Note: Rusty nails will be most effective for small container plants.

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