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17 Stunning Flowers with White Bells

Looking for a touch of elegance and grace in your garden? Look no further than our curated list of the best Flowers with White Bells!

These delicate and enchanting blooms are sure to add a magical touch to any landscape with their ethereal and soothing appearance. So join us on this journey through some of the most beautiful Flowers with White Bells, and get ready to be enchanted by their mesmerizing beauty!

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Flowers with White Bells

1. Hellebore

Flowers with White Bells

Botanical Name: Helleborus

A winter-blooming flower with various colors is often seen as a symbol of hope and rebirth. It is one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

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2. Snowdrops

shutterstock/Natalia Greeske

Botanical Name: Galanthus

Delicate, early-blooming blossoms resembling droplets of snow give the plant its name.

3. Angel’s Trumpet

Flowers with White Bells 2

Botanical Name: Angel Trumpet Brugmansia arborea

Angel Trumpet is a poisonous flower with large, white, trumpet-shaped blooms that often open at night. It is one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

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4. Azalea

Botanical Name: Rhododendron

A shrub with a variety of colors and sizes, the Azalea is really popular for its showy, bell-shaped blooms.

5. Lily

Flowers with White Bells 3

Botanical Name: Lilium

The Lily is a tall, showy flower with large, trumpet-shaped blooms in multiple colors, including white.

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6. Hyacinth

Botanical Name: Hyacinthus

A fragrant flower with dense clusters, the Hyacinth has colorful, bell-shaped blooms on a sturdy stem and is one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

7. Bleeding Heart

"Flowers with White Bells 10

Botanical Name: Campsis radicans

A woody vine with trumpet-shaped blooms, the Trumpet vine is one of the best Flowers with White Bells that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

10. Foxglove

Botanical Name: Digitalis purpurea

One of the best Flowers with White Bells, the Foxglove is a tall, showy flower with tubular, bell-shaped blooms that come in shades of pink, purple, white, or yellow.

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11. Moonflower

Flowers with White Bells 20

Botanical Name: Ipomoea alba

A nocturnal vine with fragrant, trumpet-shaped blooms, the Moonflower has blooms that only open at night.

12. White Fuchsia

Botanical Name: Fuchsia magellanica ‘Alba’

A delicate and elegant flowering shrub with pendulous white blooms that contrast beautifully against its dark green foliage.

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13. White Bleeding Heart Vine

Flowers with White Bells 31

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae ‘Alba’

A show-stopping tropical vine with clusters of white, heart-shaped blooms that drip like delicate icicles from its vines.

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14. White Mountain Laurel


Botanical Name: Kalmia latifolia f. alba

A hardy and attractive evergreen shrub with clusters of pure white blossoms that bloom in early summer against its glossy green foliage. It is one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

15. White Azalea


Botanical Name: Rhododendron occidentale

A striking and vibrant shrub with large, trumpet-shaped white flowers that bloom in late spring, adding a splash of color to any garden.

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16. White Four O’Clock

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa f. alba

The White Four O’Clock is a delightful and fragrant annual that blooms in the late afternoon and evening, adding a magical touch to any garden. It is one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

17. White Nicotiana


Botanical Name: Nicotiana alata f. alba

The White Nicotiana is a fragrant and elegant annual with clusters of trumpet like blooms, making it one of the best Flowers with White Bells.

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