8 Flowers That Look Like Bluebonnets

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Flowers that Look Like Bluebonnets will definitely impress you with their resemblance. Let’s find out who these doppelgangers are!

Flowers that Look Like Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are those beautiful blue flowers you see all over Texas in fields, meadows, and by the side of the road. However, there are also flowers that closely resemble them, potentially leading to confusion between the two. Therefore, reading this article will help you identify these similar flowers and learn how to distinguish them.

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Flowers that Look Like Bluebonnets

1. False Indigo


Botanical Name: Baptisia

Its spike-like flowers and blue color might confuse you with bluebonnets. However, here is a tip to differentiate — if you look closely, the false indigo flowers are larger and the plant has more shrub-like appearance.

2. Larkspur

 Bluebonnets like flowers

Botanical Name: Delphinium

Discussing another one similar to bluebonnets, the larkspur also has a flower arrangement very much like bluebonnets, but it is slightly taller and comes in different colors.

3. Monkshood


Botanical Name: Aconitum

Monkshood and bluebonnets are almost identical but if you pay close attention — these plants can be spotted easily by their hooded-shaped flowers.

Caution: Monkshood is poisonous!

4. Jacob’s Ladder

 Bluebonnets like flowers 2

Botanical Name: Polemonium

Another flower that looks like bluebonnets is the Jacob’s ladder, and it looks very similar to it from a distance — but up close, it’s bell-shaped flowers and ladder like leaves are quite different.

5. Foxglove Penstemon


Botanical Name: Penstemon digitalis

Its flowers are somewhat tubular and bell-shaped, otherwise, it looks exactly like bluebonnets and you will be hard-pressed to point any difference if you are at a distance.

6. Skullcap

Bluebonnets like flowers in garden 2

Botanical Name: Scutellaria

It seems this list of flowers that look like bluebonnets is never-ending! To distinguish skullcap, focus on its blooms, which are small and also has many medicinal properties.

7. Veronica

 Bluebonnets shaped flowers 2

Botanical Name: Veronica spp.

From a distance, Veronica plants may appear similar to bluebonnets, but upon closer inspection, the small size of its flowers and its spike-like shape distinguish it.

8. Pride of Madeira

 Bluebonnets shaped flowers in garden 3

Botanical Name: Echium candicans

This flower native to the island of Madeira, is a shrub with blooms that look very much like bluebonnets—growing in clusters and blue in color.

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