7 Best Iran Flowers | Flowers Native to Iran

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Are you ready to explore this list of the best flowers from Iran that will absolutely blow your mind? Let’s get started!

Flowers that are endemic to a particular place always grab attention with their special beauty. Today, we bring you the best Iranian flowers that are sure to impress!

Best Iran Flowers

1. Schrenck’s Tulip

Flowers Native to Iran

Botanical Name: Tulipa schrenkii

This colorful flower with bold red, yellow and sometimes bicolor petals is common in the semi-desert regions of Iran. Thriving in the wild, the Schrenck’s Tulip holds a special place in Persian culture and history.

2. Persian Lily

Beautiful flowers from Iran

Botanical Name: Lilium ledebourii

Also popular as Chelcheragh, this rare plant stands out with its night-blooming flowers that are nodding with curvy petals. Native to Iran, the Persian Lily honors German botanist Carl Friedrich von Ledebour, who studied the flora of Iran.

3. Persian Rose

Iran flowers 2

Botanical Name: Rosa Persica

This rose has been a major part of Persian culture for centuries, and it used to only grow in Iran before being taken to other countries like Turkey, Syria and Bulgaria during the Safavid era long ago.

It has yellow and sometimes red fragrant blossoms, and is significant in the perfume industry due to its expensive essential oil.

4. Gilan Crocus

Flowers Native to Iran

Botanical Name: Crocus gilanicus

Native to the Gilan region of Iran, Gilan Crocus is a cormous perennial that features white or pale lilac flowers during early spring.

It grows in well-drained soils, often in open woodland areas or grassy fields at lower elevations where the climate is humid and temperate.

5. Sweet Violet

Iran flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Viola Odorata

Producing flowers in different shades of dark purple and white, Sweet violet is another addition to this list of best flowers from Iran.

Blooming from late winter to late spring, this perennial herb is closely linked to the ideas of renewal and rebirth in Persian culture.

6. Golden Cup

Flowers Native to Iran in garden

Botanical Name: Sternbergia

Common in southwestern Asia, including Iran, this bulbous perennial produces bright yellow, crocus-like flowers in the autumn.

The Golden Cup makes this list as one of Iran’s best flowers because of its ability to bloom vibrantly even in the country’s arid and harsh environments.

7. Saffron

Best Iran Flowers

Botanical Name: Crocus sativus

Well not native to Iran, this flower is quite a common sight in the country and is also famous all around the world, thanks to the saffron it provides, which also happens to be the priciest spice in the world!

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