Do Plants Grow at Night?

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Light plays a vital role in the plant’s growth, but do they stop growing when the sun sets? Or Do Plants Grow at Night? Find the answer below!

Plants grow from the energy they receive from glucose through the process of photosynthesis, for which they need sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. Sunlight is the crucial element for it, and without it, the process of photosynthesis is incomplete.

But, have you ever thought of what plants do at night when there is no sun? Do Plants Grow at Night as well? Read the full article to know the answer.

What Plants Do at Night?

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Plants perform photosynthesis during the day in the presence of sunlight. But the question is what they do at night? Well, they respire during the night since the process of respiration does not depend on the light, and it continues for 24 hours.

During respiration, plants use sugar and oxygen, which they produce at the time of photosynthesis and convert that into carbohydrates that are necessary for their growth.

After sunset, photosynthesis stops as it cannot take place in the absence of sunlight. Plants keep absorbing the oxygen though they don’t release it back as they do during the day time. However, it doesn’t mean that plants compete with humans for oxygen since the portion of oxygen the plants consume during the night, is negligible.

Do Plants Grow at Night?

The answer to the essential question of this article isYes, plants do grow at night. Because during the daytime, they consume sunlight for photosynthesis. Hence plants continue to grow in the dark, similarly, as they grow in sunlight, as they perform on circadian cycles (24-hour biological cycle).

Myths Regarding Plants Growing at Night

Do plants grow at night

There is a misinterpretation that plants can only grow during the daytime, while executing photosynthesis, ignoring the fact that respiration also aids in the growth of the plant. During respiration, plants accumulate glucose and oxygen, producing carbohydrates, which helps in their growth. For this, no sunlight is required. Hence, the plant continues to grow at night as well.

What Happens in the Night?

Chloroplasts are tiny membranes or organelles that soak light energy for photosynthesis. They help the plants in photosynthesis or to produce energy, which is used for respiration. The chloroplasts shrink during the night, as they stop the process of photosynthesis and release their stored energy.

Also, flowers and buds close at night as their main function is reproduction, which is supported by pollinators that are active in the daytime. Therefore, the plant’s growth and respiration do not get affected directly by these parts of the plant. Hence, the plant’s growth is unaffected at night.

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