18 DIY Pollinator Pot Ideas to Attract Butterflies and Bees

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Want to attract bees, butterflies, and birds to your limited-space garden? Copy these DIY Pollinator Pot Ideas!

Pollinators are drawn to bright flowers like yellow, purple, red, blue, orange, and even pink. They also love blooms that have a sweet scent and easily accessible nectar.

Another way to attract them is to choose native or non-hybrid flowering plants, as these pollinator species have coevolved with them. Don’t worry if this seems too much; we’ve explained everything below.

DIY Pollinator Pot Ideas

1. Salvia and Lantana Pollinator Pot

best DIY pollinator pot ideas

You can design a pollinator magnet in a small pot for your patio or the balcony. Just plant Salvia, Lantana, Calibrachoas, and Zinnias together, and your space will soon buzz with butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

2. Galvanized Bucket for Pollinators

best DIY pollinator pot ideas 2

A pollinator pot doesn’t necessarily have to be a pot. Why not try creating your own in a galvanized bucket? This one has Goldenrod, Asters, Bee Balm, Coneflower, Black-eyed Susans, and Sunflowers.

3. Yellow Floral Pollinator Pot

best Diy pollinator pot ideas 3

Bees and butterflies are attracted to pretty warm tones, which means you can make a pollinator pot with your favorite colors. Maybe even pick a theme! Here’s one that has Sunflowers, Blanket Flower, Calibrachoa, and Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine.

4. Pollinator Pot with Salvia and Crossandra

best diy pollinator pot ideas 4

All you need is a large pot full of good potting soil and some Salvia, Crossandra, Gomphrena, Cleome, and Portulaca. These flowers are a great source of abundant nectar and pollen that bees and butterflies adore.

5. DIY Pollinator Friendly Pot

best diy pollinator pot ideas 5

Why not go with a mix of Echinacea, Scaevola, Blanket Flower, Salvia, Sunflower, Verbena, Pentas, Aster, Yarrow, Garden Phlox, and Ballon Flower? You’ll have a pot full of colors like a rainbow.

6. Sage and Agastache Pot for the Lawn

Flower combinations to attract pollinators 1

Here’s a DIY pot idea with Sage, Agastache, Balloon plant, Basil, and Dichondra that will attract many pollinators. You don’t have to get all of these–it’s okay if you skip one or two from the combination.

7. Small Pot to Invite Pollinators

flower combinations to attract pollinator 2

Even a small pollinator pot can get the job done if you know what to plant. Go with Dill, Salvia, and Dianthus. You won’t need anything else, and your garden will be greeted by butterflies and bees.

8. Dahlia and Coleus Pot DIY

Flower combinations to attract pollinators 3

Dahlias, Coleus, Coreopsis, and Euphorbia! These lovely plants are all you need if you’re creating a pollinator container garden pot for your lawn. Simple, huh?

9. Pollinator Container Garden Pots

Flower combinations to attract pollinators 4

A couple of massive planters on the patio stairs filled with Coleus ‘Oxblood,’ Salvia ‘Amistad,’ Petunia, Ipomoea batatas Spotlight Black, and Helichrysum petiolar ‘Variegatum’ are great if you want to boost garden productivity. They’ll invite hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

10. Pollinator Pot with Bright Blooms

Flower combinations to attract pollinators 5

Always go for bright color flowers like Salvia, red and purple Verbena, and coral and raspberry Autumn Sage if you want a garden full of fluttering hummingbirds and butterflies. They can’t resist the sweet nectar.

11. Perennial Pollinator Pot Idea

Pollinator attracting flowers 1

Have you ever wondered about how butterflies and bees locate nectar on Black-eyed Susans? These vines have ultraviolet markings called nectar guides that act as a beacon for pollinators. Pair it with ‘Toffee Twist’ sedge, ‘Guacamole’ Swedish ivy, and ‘Silky Gold’ Mexican butterfly weed.

12. Flower Pot for Inviting Pollinators

Pollinator attracting flowers 2What if we told you that you could make your DIY pot for pollinators a mix of plants and flowers? Grow Sage, Lantana, Dwarf Agastache, and Burgundy Beardtongue in a large pot and see the magic.

13. Coneflower and Zinnia Pot Idea

Pollinator attracting flowers 3

Coneflowers, Pentas, Marigolds, Zinnias, and Lantana, are always good-to-go choices if you want a garden with pretty butterflies flying around. Plus, all of these are pretty low maintenance.

14. Pollinator Pot with Foliage and Flowers DIY

Pollinator attracting flowers 4

A pot filled with pollinator-attracting flowers doesn’t have to be left in the garden. You can always put it on the entryway and turn it into a beautiful focal point. The plants you see in this one are Lantana, Golden Creeping Jenny, and Meyer lemon tree.

15. Pollinator Pot in Purple

Pollinator attracting flowers 5

Remember that one with all the yellow flower varieties you saw above. Well, you can also make a pollinator pot with purple and blue tones like this one. You’ll need Petunias, Angelonia, Ageratum, and Gomphrenas.

16. Pot with Layered Flowers

Best pollinator combination flowers 1

Sometimes, if you plant too many flowers in the same pot and it’s small in size, it can look congested. In such cases, it’s best to go with a layered approach of “Thriller-Spiller-Filler” so it’s beautiful and clean. Try a combination of Colorita Eliane Peruvian Lily, Angelina Stonecrop, Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana, and Goldflame Honeysuckle.

17. Salvia and Lantana

Best pollinator combination flowers 3

Salvia, Angelonia, and Lantana together create a strong magnetic effect for bees and butterflies. Grow them in a container, and they’ll surely surprise you with the swarms of pollinators they bring.

18. Zinnia and Cosmos Container for Pollinators

Best pollinator combination flowers 4

Remember these two names–Zinnia and Cosmos. They’re the best plants to have if you’re making a pollinator-friendly pot for your garden. Here, they’re paired with Purple Knight’ calico, Cardoon, ‘Limelight’ Licorice, and Agastache.

And there you have it, folks! Now that you have the key to bringing bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Here are some lesser-known pollinators you should invite to have the most productive gardens.

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