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18 Impressive DIY Herb Wall Ideas

Planning to grow a vertical garden? Try these DIY Herb Wall Ideas and grow your favorite herbs in small spaces with ease!

Growing edible plants in a vertical garden not only saves a lot of space but also lets you enjoy a fresh harvest even if you live in urban apartments. Get inspired by these DIY Herb Wall Ideas and create a similar setup in your home.

Have a look at some creative indoor herb gardens from Instagram here 

DIY Herb Wall Ideas

1. Herb Hanging Garden with Ropes

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 1

You can grow herbs by cutting sections in wooden planks suspended with ropes.

2. Ammo Can Vertical Herb Garden


You’ll need a Redwood frame, chain, and surplus military ammunition canisters for this DIY.

3. Indoor Herb Garden DIY

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 2

A spice rack and some gardening tools are all you need to make this simple and effective herb garden. Detials are here.

4. Vertical Herb Garden with Coco Fiber Liners

This functioning herb garden rack represents a chic gardening style. Click here for all the details.

5. Indoor Herb Garden IKEA Hack

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 3

This smart wine bottle holder can be used to grow herbs in bottles!

6. Paint Can Herb Garden

Do you have unused paint cans? Don’t throw them away and use the cans creatively to grow herbs.

7. Mason Jars on Wooden Plank

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 4

Strap mason jars on a wooden plank and use them as pots to grow rosemary, cilantro, and oregano.

8. Herbs in Small Metal Buckets


Put an empty living room wall to good use by hanging small metal buckets with herbs. You can also use fake plants.

9. Hanging Pocket Shoe Organiser Garden

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 5

A pocket shoe organizer has individual sections that can house different herbs of your choice.

10. Pallet Wood Vertical Herb Garden

All you need is a pallet wood, paint, and herbs of your choice to make this beautiful garden on any wall.

11. Galvanized Pipe Hanging Garden

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 6

The galvanized pipes will keep the rust issues at bay and will provide enough space to grow herbs.

12. Vertical Herb Garden for a Small Porch

Paint an old standing shower caddy in a shade of black and use it to house herbs pot on your porch.

13. Old Wooden Planks Hanging Garden

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 7

Use old wooden planks and make an herb garden. You can hang it on any wall of your choice.

14. Vertical Vases for Mini Indoor Garden

This minimalist indoor herb garden takes up less space and looks quite dramatic. Details are here.

15. Wooden Planter for the Wall

DIY Herb Wall Ideas 8

Pieces of pine wood, wood glue, and small clay pots are all you need for this DIY.

16. Modern Space Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

This modern space-saving wooden box arrangement is best to grow different herbs.

17. Mini Hanging Herb Garden

This easy and cheap to make DIY can be made in a day!

18. Hanging Garden Made of Landscape Fabric Roll

All you need is a roll of weed barrier, copper pipe, a sewing machine, and few other supplies to make this one. Click here for details.


  1. The Mason jar craze is still in full force, and I don’t think it’ll be dying down anytime soon. So when it comes to using them for DIY projects, making a wall herb garden just seems like the next logical step!


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