30 Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas

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If you like pretty blooms, you’ll love our collection of Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas! Stay tuned to get inspired.

Cosmos flowers are for harmony and balance, so if you’re looking for these things, it would be a great choice for you. Let’s see what they represent and get into these.

Cosmos Flower Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Beauty and Simplicity

Cosmos flowers are known for their simple beauty and pretty colors of pink, white, and purple. Similarly, a cosmos flower shows beauty and appreciation for the simple things in life. You will often see these in people who love enjoying everyday moments.

Resilience and Adaptability

Cosmos flowers are hardy and can tolerate a lot of conditions that make them reflect the person’s capacity for resilience and adaptability. These tattoos show how you have or are trying to overcome challenges in life and growing through them.

Harmony and Peace

Cosmos flowers are seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and are lovely choices for positive energy and harmony. A tattoo of a Cosmos shows the desire or journey to find inner peace and a sense of balance in life.

Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Chocolate Cosmos and Chungee Bumbo

cosmos flower tattoo 1

Here’s a gorgeous chocolate Cosmos flower with bumblebee ink, or as the artist calls it, a Chungee Bumbo.

2. Cosmos Flower Trio

cosmos flower tattoo 2

You can also get a pretty trio of Cosmos flowers on the arm. These are also chocolate Cosmos but you can get them in any color.

3. Shaded Cosmos on Elbow

cosmos flower tattoo 3

If you’re not a fan of colored inks, why not go with a shaded piece like this? It brings out the highlights.

4. Black and Grey Cosmos Bouquet

cosmos flower tattoo 4

Cosmos flowers look amazing in black and gray inks as well. Just look at this one.

5. Single Stem Cosmos Tattoo

cosmos flower tattoo 5

Nothing can beat the beauty of a simple Cosmos stem. You can also add a memorial date like these Roman numerals.

6. Delicate Cosmos with Quote

cosmos flower tattoo 6

Check out this delicate Cosmos flower without outlines paired with the quote, “Be tough.”

7. Fineline Cosmos Flower

cosmos flower tattoo 7

This Cosmos flower design has the petals done in fine line with the leaves slightly shaded.

8. Cosmos and Violet Art

cosmos flower tattoo 8

You can also pair up Cosmos flowers with others. Take this violet, for example; it’s for spiritual wisdom.

9. Pink Cosmos Flower

cosmos flower tattoo 9

This pink Cosmos flower is just stunning. It’s the perfect feminine ink choice.

10. Cosmos Flowers with Honeysuckle

cosmos flower tattoo 10

Here’s a Cosmos flower paired with a Honeysuckle and the setting sun.

11. Cosmos on the Shoulder

cosmos flower tattoo 11

The shoulder and collarbone are the perfect place to get a Cosmos flower if you want to flaunt it.

12. Colorful Cosmos Floral Stem

cosmos flower tattoo 12

Look at this beautiful trio of purple and pink Cosmos flowers with stems. It’s for kindness.

13. Cosmos and Triangles Ink

cosmos flower tattoos 13

The geometrical triangles with the cosmos showcase a yearning to explore and understand the world around you.

14. Little Twin Cosmos Tattoo

cosmos flower tattoo 14

Why don’t you go with this cute little Cosmos flower pair? It’s pretty and inconspicuous.

15. Cosmos Flower with Lettering

cosmos flower tattoo 15

What a beautiful tattoo of Cosmos flowers with lettering. The words translate to “Nothing Comes from Hatred.”

16. Cosmos Flower and Anemones

cosmos flower tattoos 16

This tattoo of Cosmos flowers and anemones combines the best of both worlds and represents finding joy and optimism in new beginnings.

17. Cosmos and Marigold with Butterfly

cosmos flower tattoo 17

Here’s a tattoo of Cosmos and Marigolds representing the spiritual and physical worlds, with a small bee for the bearer.

18. Cosmos, Poppies, and Fern Idea

cosmos flower tattoos 19

Cosmos and Poppies go really well together. You can also add ferns or leaves as fillers to complete the design.

19. Cosmos Flowers in Pot

cosmos flower tattoos 20

If you like to experiment, why not go with a colorful Cosmos flower pot idea like this tattoo?

20. Cosmos with Strawberries and Bees

cosmos tattoo ideas 1

A lovely design with sweet strawberries and Cosmos flowers for appreciating the beauty and happiness of everyday life.

21. Purple Cosmos Flowers

cosmos tattoo ideas 3

Here’s another delicate Cosmos flower in purple that would make a great feminine tattoo.

22. Cosmos and Daffodils Bunch

cosmos tattoo ideas 4

You can also go with a personalized bouquet of Cosmos flowers with Daffodils. Perhaps your favorite ones.

23. Memorial Tattoo with Cosmos

cosmos tattoo ideas 5

Cosmos flowers can also be used to cherish the memory of a loved one. Just add their name and the date they passed away to honor them.

24. Cosmos Paint Art on the Back

cosmos tattoo ideas 6

This magnificent Cosmos flower tattoo on the back looks like an artist painted it. Pretty, right?

25. Cosmos Flowers With Arrow

cosmos tattoo ideas 7

What a brilliant way to show that you’re resilient and that there’s nothing that can keep you away from reaching your goals.

26. Little Cosmos Flower Stem

cosmos tattoo ideas 8

A small Cosmos floral stem on the bikini line is a great idea to show your inner beauty and strength.

27. Pink Cosmos Flowers

cosmos tattoo ideas 9

Here’s a beautiful pink Cosmos flower bunch on the arm. It’s for gentle love and affection.

28. Abstract Cosmos Spine Tattoo

cosmos tattoo ideas 10

Spine tattoos are always cool and unique, but there’s nothing better than an abstract Cosmos flower here.

29. Cosmos Flower and Dream Catcher

cosmos tattoo ideas 11

This combo of Cosmos flowers with a dreamcatcher will protect your dreams and aspirations and help you overcome challenges.

30. Moon of Cosmos and Daisies

cosmos tattoo ideas 12

What a pretty idea of a crescent moon made of Cosmos and Daisies. It represents feminine strength and growth.

Why a Cosmos Flower Ink?

Cosmos flowers are categorically stunning and help showcase tons of meanings with a simple form. Plus, they’re great choices for feminine designs. You should totally go for it if you feel like a Cosmos tattoo can help you in your personal journey.

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