Can Succulents Grow in Sand? | Growing Succulents in Sand

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Can Succulent Grow in Sand, or you need soil to grow them? What is the best growing medium for them? Get answers in this article.

Succulents are forgiving plants when it comes to growing conditions. Their ability to store water makes them one of the best drought-tolerant plants. But is it possible to grow them in just sand? Find out!

Why Are Succulents Low Maintenance Plants?

Can Succulents Grow in Sand

Coming in weird shapes, sizes, and colors, succulents are the trendiest plants these days. They grow in arid regions and deserts and known for their ability to store water in their fat leaves. With this advantage, they adapt to various harsh growing conditions easily.

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Can Succulents Grow In Sand?

How to Use Sand for Your Succulent?

If you want a succulent that grows purely in the sand, then you’ll be disappointed. As sand lacks all the essential nutrients that a plant needs to survive, it will be tough for you to grow one, even if you’ll try to. However, using a mix (soil and sand) would be perfect, as large particles of sand will allow the water to pass through them. Using a Coarse Sand is recommended as it’ll help in increasing the drainage capacity and declining the chances of fungal infections.

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How To Use Sand For Your Succulents?

How to plant Succulents?

It is highly recommended to use potting soil mixed with sand for growing succulents. The soil mix should not be very nutrient-rich and must have excellent drainage capability. As excess water leads to the root rot, while an excess nutrient, especially nitrogen, will make succulents brittle, it is recommended that you make the combination right. Take:

  • Three parts of Commercial Potting mix Soil
  • Two parts of Coarse Sand
  • 1 part of Perlite or Coconut-Coir

Blend them thoroughly, and you will have the perfect mix ready for your succulents. To check out more homemade succulent mix recipes, click here.

How To Care For Succulents?

Here are some tips that will ensure your succulents stay healthy:

  • Succulents love warmth, so always place them near a spot that remains warm and bright.
  • Overwatering kills them, so always keep a close eye on the watering rate, especially during winters.
  • Fertilize the plant with low strength liquid fertilizer in its two-three times during the growing period.
  • While growing them in cold regions, keep them indoors during late fall and winter.

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Which Succulents Do Best With Sandy Soil?

  • Crown of Thorns: One of the best flowering succulents, it can survive in sandy soil.
  • Ice Plant: It is a hardy and drought-tolerant plant with blue-green leaves and daisy-like flowers.
  • Agave Americana: Also known as the Century plant. It has fleshy leaves and adapts well in any type of soil.
  • Aloe: Cape aloe and Soap aloe are the best varieties that can grow in sandy soil.
  • Echeveria Agavoides: These are good for a succulent dish garden.
  • Senecio Mandraliscae: Coming in a striking shade of blue, it is effortless to maintain and doesn’t mind sandy soil.

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