Blue String of Pearls Plants: Are They Real?

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Are Blue String of Pearls Plants real or are they man made? Let’s put the wraps off this mystery and clear the confusion!
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Gardening is a world full of wonders, and one such on its list is the Blue Strings of Pearls Plant. You might have seen its pictures and wondered – Is it Real? Well, time to find out!

How to Grow String of Pearls From Cuttings

Is Blue String of Pearls Plants Real?

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Blue String of Pearls plants are typically digitally altered or subjected to artificial coloring. The original plant – the String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), comes in a distinctive green hue.

Reasons Behind the Blue Hue

I. Digital Alteration: Many images showcasing the blue String of Pearls are products of digital editing using AI tools or software like Lightroom and Photoshop.

II. Artificial Coloring: Sometimes, people dye these plants or spray blue colors on the leaves to attract buyers in the commercial market.

6 Best Types of String of Pearls Varieties

Can I Really Find a Blue String of Pearls?

Blue String of Pearls in blue basket 3

Well, you can if you look for the plant online, but it will either be a faux or dyed one – and it won’t last long. If you purchase them based on these misleading images, you’ll likely end up with the typical green one or maybe nothing at all.

For a genuine and thriving String of Pearls, stick to the natural green variety. It is known for its cascading vines with bead-like leaves. It is perfect for providing a unique aesthetic to your space, regardless of the color.

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