14 Stunning Black Calla Lily Varieties

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Black Calla Lily Varieties offer a gothic appeal to gardens and homes, making them stand out from the other flowers!

Dark flowers have an unmistakable charm that you simply can’t resist! For people who love them, these black calla lilies are a must-have!

Rare White and Purple Calla Lilies 

Black Calla Lily Varieties

1. Schwarzwalder

14 Stunning Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Schwarzwalder’

This plant has big purple-black flowers on tall stems that match really well with the light green leaves having white spots all over!

2. Black Star

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Black Star’

Its maroon-black flowers look almost black from a distance. The elongated leaves of the plants are pale with light speckles and faint red edges.

3. Captain Carrera

Black Calla Lily Varieties 4

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Captain Carrera’

With its dark black blossoms, ‘Captain Carrera’ stands out as one of the most captivating black Calla Lily varieties!

4. Black Panther

Black Panther Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Black Panther’

What sets this black calla lily apart from the rest on this list is the size of the blooms – they are bigger and darker!

5. Black Hero

14 Stunning Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Black Hero’

This lily is famous for its funnel-shaped flowers that have a very dark hue of purple-black. It grows best in indirect sunlight.

6. Cantor

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Cantor’

With the deepest black blooms, this calla lily can be a show stopper! Place it with other plants on a patio for the best display.

7. Dubai Nights

14 Stunning Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Dubai Nights’

This plant grows black flowers in summer that look quite amazing on the tall stalks flanked by green leaves having white dots.

8. Hot Chocolate


Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Hot Chocolate’

With its deep, chocolate-purple flowers, this variety is perfect for adding drama to pots and garden beds.

9. Memories

Memories Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Memories’

Memories’ Calla Lily brings a twist with its dark leaves that complement its black flowers. Make sure it gets plenty of indirect light for the best deep color.

10. Captain Beretta


Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Captain Beretta’

Almost achieving a perfect black hue, Captain Beretta adds a tropical ambiance to any space. It’s easy to grow and is suitable for cut flowers.

11. Captain La Paz

Captain La Paz Black Calla Lily Varieties

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Captain La Paz’

Captain La Paz has spotted foliage with black or wine blooms. While not deep hued, this one looks dark enough from a distance!

12. Odessa


Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Odessa’

Odessa is a dramatic black calla lily with dark purple to almost night-like blooms. It is known for its long flowering period.

13. Captain Escape

Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Captain Escape’

A rare variety with truly black spathes, Captain Escape has variegated leaves and grows moderately tall.

14. Captain Palermo


Botanical name: Zantedeschia ‘Captain Palermo’

This perennial flower has light green leaves with small white spots and dark purple flowers that take a deeper hue as they mature.

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