30 Balcony Garden Ideas from Instagram for Inspiration (July 2021)

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Here’s more small space gardening inspiration for you for this month. 31 Balcony Garden Ideas shared on Instagram in July!

1. Colorful Balcony

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A post shared by SareXo Home☀️🌴🌙Sarah Caligiuri (@sare_xo_home)


2. Balcony with a View

3. Designated Coffee Spot

4. Old Trunk Turned into Interesting Planter

5. Polish Balcony

6. Small Closed Balcony in a Flat

7. Village Balcony in Spain

8. Large Balcony Garden

9. Little London Balcony with a Vertical Garden

10. Balcony in Evening

11. Monsoon Balcony

12. A Dutch Balcony

13. Colorful Spot for Summer

14. Cat Lover’s Balcony

15. Balcony with Comfy Sitting Space

16. Balcony Style Inspiration

17. Boho Balcony for Reading and Relaxation

18. Edible Balcony Garden

19. Nordic Balcony

20. A Houseplant Balcony

21. Butterfly Garden in Balcony

22. Condo Gardening in Manila

23. Boho Style Balcony

24. Balcony with Macrame Decoration

25. Balcony with a Picture Perfect Sitting Space

26. Balcony with a Living Wall

27. Simple Terrace Design

28. Bedroom Balcony with Privacy

29. Perfect Urban Balcony Garden

30. Contemporary Balcony Decor

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