8 Balcony Herb Garden Ideas You Would Like to Try

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Grow lot of herbs in your balcony. These ‘Balcony Herb Garden Ideas’ will solve your problem of lack of space easily.

1. DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

balcony herb garden (3)_mini

Where to grow herbs, if you don’t have space ? Even a wooden plank is enough, with some plastic bottles, hooks, nails and hammer, you’re all set to grow your own herbs.
Nail the plank on wall, mount some cut bottles and insert something to clog the bottom so that it’ll restrict the soil from spilling out. Now plant seedlings of your favorite herb in them.

2. Herb Tower

balcony herb tower
Image Credit: homedzine

With the use of several terracotta pots and plant stand, create a cascading herb tower that’ll make an attractive display on a sunny corner of your garden. Start with a large terracotta pot of at least 20 inches in diameter, putting on top of a stable plant stand. Place another small terracotta pot up and down inside the pot at least 3 or 4 inches of space will be left around it. Now fill that space with potting soil. Add up to three or four more terracotta pots above it and repeat the same step we did with first pot again and again. Continue building the tower this way until you get enough height. Plant herbs on each level and place this herb tower at desired spot

3. Hanging Basket

hanging herb basket
Image Credit: HGTV

Everyone thinks hanging baskets are to grow flowers. But herbs like dill, parsley, chive, rosemary and borage grows well in hanging baskets.

Hang your herb basket on a sunniest but less windy spot of your balcony, a great idea is to grow flowers like nasturtium or marigold in it too, to give a little more color to the basket.

4. Herbs in Cansbalcony herb garden (6)_mini

For herbs that you grow on the windowsills, you don’t need to buy pots, make them yourself. Recycle used cans, remove their labels and wash them thoroughly. You can also decorate these cans through painting. It is convenient to hang a label on them with a piece of string to know what herbs you’ve planted or sown.

5. Grow herbs on Tablebalcony herb garden (7)_mini

A magnificent eye-catcher on the table is a mini herb garden. You can put some boxes with good drainage and grow plants in them. Just make sure you keep plastic under the boxes so that the fluid leaks through them don’t affect the wood of table.

6. Palletbalcony herb garden (2)_mini

Pallets are packaging materials that you can find free of cost or at dirt cheap price. You can grow herbs on these pallets by hanging pots over them or by growing some plants within them. There are lot of pallet ideas you can check out here.

7. Boot Planterbalcony herb garden (4)_mini

Turn your unused rubber boots in to herb planters to give an odd touch to your garden. Simply fill up the boots with loamy, fertile soil and transplant seedlings of some common herbs, after drilling them from the bottom for the drainage holes.

8. Vertical Pouch Planter
balcony herb garden (1)_mini

Planting pouch or fabric is a great starting point to build a vertical garden for herbs. You’ll need a wooden board or hanger to hang these pouches. Fill these pouches with good quality potting soil to feed your plants and plant seedlings in them.

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