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When to Plant Corn in Georgia

Confused about When to Plant Corn in Georgia? Don’t worry! We have you covered! Keep on reading to know all the details!

When to Plant Corn in Georgia 1

If you are not sure about When to Plant Corn in Georgia, then it can result in a poor harvest. This guide will ensure you won’t any troubles!

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Planting Corns in Georgia

Here’s a quick guide to planting corn in this region.

  • Test the soil for pH and nutrient levels, aiming for a pH of 5.8 to 6.5.
  • Prepare the soil by tilling to remove weeds and loosen it for planting.
  • Plant seeds 1 to 2 inches deep.
  • Allow 30 to 36 inches between rows and 9 to 12 inches between plants within a row.

Best Corns to Plant in Georgia


Corn thrives in Georgia’s warm climate, and there are several varieties that are particularly well-suited to the region. Here’s a guide to some of the best corn varieties to plant in Georgia, considering factors like taste, disease resistance, and growth performance.

1. Sweet Corn Varieties

– ‘Silver Queen’

  • Type: White sweet corn
  • Maturity: Late-season (92 days)
  • Features: Tender kernels, sweet flavor, and good disease resistance

– ‘Bodacious’

  • Type: Yellow sweet corn
  • Maturity: Mid-season (75 days)
  • Features: Exceptional sweetness, great for fresh eating

– ‘Peaches and Cream’

  • Type: Bicolor sweet corn
  • Maturity: Early to mid-season (70 days)
  • Features: Sweet and tender, attractive appearance

2. Field Corn Varieties

– ‘Pioneer’

  • Type: Several hybrid field corn options
  • Features: High yield potential, strong disease resistance

– ‘DeKalb’

  • Type: Hybrid field corn
  • Features: Adapted to various soil types, reliable yields

3. Popcorn Varieties

– ‘Robust’

  • Type: Yellow popcorn
  • Maturity: Mid-season (100 days)
  • Features: High popping percentage, good flavor

4. Ornamental Corn Varieties

– ‘Indian’ Corn

  • Type: Multi-colored ornamental corn
  • Maturity: Late-season
  • Features: Used for decorative purposes, displays vibrant colors

5. Heirloom Varieties

– ‘Hickory King’

  • Type: White field corn
  • Maturity: Late-season (110 days)
  • Features: Known for making traditional cornmeal, hardy and disease-resistant

When to Plant Corn in Georgia

When to Plant Corn in Georgia 2

Georgia encompasses a broad spectrum of USDA Hardiness Zones, ranging from 6b to 9a. In the mountainous regions, pockets of zone 6a can be found, while the coastal plains may extend into zone 9b. This diverse range of zones cultivates a variety of wild edible plants that thrive across the state, and many of these can also be cultivated in home gardens.

1. Understanding Georgia’s Climate

Georgia’s climate can be classified into two main regions: the Coastal Plains in the southern part and the Piedmont and Mountain regions in the northern areas.

– Coastal Plains

  • Warmer temperatures
  • Earlier planting opportunities

– Piedmont and Mountain Regions

  • Cooler temperatures
  • Slightly delayed planting schedule

2. Ideal Planting Time

– Spring Planting

  • Late March to Early May: This is the general window for planting corn in Georgia, depending on the region.
  • Soil Temperature: Wait until the soil temperature is consistently above 50°F for optimal germination.

– Fall Planting (for winter or cover crops)

  • August to Early September: Some field corn varieties may be planted for winter use or as cover crops.

3. Selecting the Right Variety

– Early-Season Varieties

  • Plant earlier in the planting window.
  • Suitable for regions with shorter growing seasons.

– Mid to Late-Season Varieties

  • May require planting slightly later.
  • Best for regions with longer growing seasons.

Planting corn in Georgia requires a thorough understanding of the state’s diverse climate, careful selection of the appropriate corn variety, and strategic timing. Utilize the information in this guide, along with local resources and technology, to make well-informed planting decisions. By doing so, you can optimize the growth, yield, and quality of your corn crop in Georgia’s unique agricultural landscape.


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