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When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies

Want to know When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies? Here are the best tips and tricks you must follow!
When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies

Not sure when to moisten the growing medium of your favorite crassula ovata? Here’s all you need to know When and How to Water a Jade Plant, So It Never Dies!

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Watering a Jade Plant

The number #1 rule is to avoid watering your outdoor or indoor jade plant every often. It’s not a regular indoor plant that needs watering twice a week.

It’s a succulent and loves to live in dry soil, so avoid keeping your jade plant’s soil moist all the time.

Water this plant only when the soil in the container becomes dry. Not bone dry, but dry, and for this succulent, don’t follow that typical topsoil dry rule because sometimes, below the lower layers of soil remain moist.

If you’re a new gardener, use a moisture meter to determine when to water a jade plant. One more trick is to poke a chopstick in the growing medium to determine the soil saturation level.

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When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies

When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies 2

Jade plants are drought-tolerant and require the soil to dry out between watering spells; you know it now, but what should be the watering frequency? Should you water every week or wait for a little more?

  • Well, there is no ground rule for that; just observe how much time your jade plant takes to become thirsty again.
  • This depends on many factors: season, weather, growing condition, whether you are keeping it indoors or outdoors, location–if it’s sunny, windy, shady, or what?
  • Also, a jade plant growing in a large pot in more soil can go on without water for more days than a pot-bound jade plant packed in a crowded container.
  • It’s best to check the moisture level every week and water it only when the soil seems dry. This amazing plant can even go on without water for a month easily–and we created an amazing list of such houseplants, which is here.

The jade plant favors dry conditions. Needless to say–it is quite vulnerable to overwatering issues. To successfully grow a jade plant in the home environment, it is essential to imitate the watering condition of its native habitat.

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Key Pointers 

Keep in mind that jade plant needs soil around roots to dry out a bit between watering spells, but this doesn’t mean that lack of water can’t damage it:

  • The size of the planter (small containers dry out fast).
  • Temperature and humidity of your climate.
  • The ability of the soil to conserve moisture.
  • Yellow, brown, or translucent (mushy) foliage with a soft and droopy appearance and brown spots indicates overwatering.
  • Foliage getting wrinkled, crisp, brown, and finally dropping from the plant indicates underwatering.
  • Ensure the water is never too cold or hot.

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How to Water a Jade Plant?

Always water deeply–not a bit today and a bit tomorrow but thoroughly until it starts to seep out from the drainage holes. Carefully water around its base.

Never do overhead watering, as frequent splashes on the foliage may cause the leaves to attract pests along with diseases and water spots.

Also, never use hard water. If you are using public tap water, then keep it overnight to make it free of chlorine. Also, avoid misting its foliage; it serves no purpose because it’s a succulent.

Do you know?

The Jade plant stores water in its thick leaves and stems, and to control the water loss (transpiration) from the foliage, it opens stomata at night instead of on a sunny day.

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