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What to Do When Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow

Learn What to Do When Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow and fix it quickly by following the given article in simple steps!

Here’s What to Do When Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow and how to take care of it in the right way to nurture it back to its green glory!

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What Causes Lucky Bamboo to Turn Yellow

Two of the most common problems that cause the plant to turn yellow are too much exposure to direct sunlight and heavily-fluoridated or too salty tap water. Also, while getting a new plant, do make sure that the stalks have well-developed roots at the bottom. Stalk with little or no root is more prone to yellowing. Let’s have a look at the remedies:

1. Water

If you are growing lucky bamboo hydroponically, follow the below points.

  • Avoid using tap water as it contains chlorine and fluoride that can harm the leaves and stalks. Constant use of tap water can be fatal for lucky bamboo or the yellowing of leaves.
  • Tap water can cause chlorine toxicity. You can overcome this problem by using distilled water.
  • It is best to use spring, well, or snow water for lucky bamboo.
  • You can also use aquarium water every once in a while – it will work as a fertilizer.
  • Also, change the water weekly to keep the oxygen level in check. While changing the water, rinse the vase well if it looks mushy or less transparent.

2. Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be another reason behind yellowing plants as it thrives under indirect light. However, do keep in mind that very low light can also turn the plant pale or yellow.

  • Place the plant near a window where it can avail indirect light. Make sure that the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves.
  • The best locations for placing lucky bamboo according to feng shui are the east and southeast areas. If you want to stimulate the south sector of your home, then a wood element will trigger the same. Ensure whichever sector you use must only get indirect light.

3. Fertilizer

Overfertilization can also result in yellow lucky bamboo.

  • A dose of low strength, balanced liquid fertilizer once every 2-3 months will be sufficient. You can adjust the dose and interval according to the results and growth of the plant.
  • Save the soil-grown lucky bamboo from overfertilization by repotting it with fresh soil without any fertilizer.

4. Humidity

Low humidity can create trouble since lucky bamboo prefers a humid atmosphere. Mist the leaves every two to three days. This will provide high moisture and save it from turning yellow.

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A Quick Fix

Sometimes lucky bamboo turns yellow due to the natural aging of the plant. In such cases, peel or cut the unwanted leaves, so new foliage grows and replaces the old/yellowing one. Also, do not leave the yellow foliage on the plant until it becomes brown or black as it can spread decay to the entire plant.

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