16 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water

1. Philodendron

Keep a 6 inches long cutting in a clear glass jar or bowl in a location with bright indirect light. Don’t forget to change the water once in 3-4 days and it’ll keep growing.

2. Spider Plant

Spider plants look quite interesting with their narrow arching foliage and baby spiderettes. You can grow them permanently in a glass jar.

3. Arrowhead Plant

Like other climbers and vining plants, the arrowhead plant is pretty straightforward to grow indoors in water.

4. Coleus

Having colorful and serrated leaves, coleus will be the most colorful addition to glasses and jars.

Wandering Jew


This colorful plant is easy to grow in jars and terrariums.

6. Impatiens

Impatiens can grow in water for quite a long time. Remove all the lower leaves and submerge their cut ends in water.



You can grow paperwhite narcissus bulbs in water and force them to flower easily.