49 Virginia Native Plants

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Virginia Native Plants are a wide spectrum of botanical wonders, including flowers, trees, and foliage beauties!

These Virginia Native Plants offer a mesmerizing blend of beauty, resilience, and environmental harmony, making them an indispensable choice for garden enthusiasts and eco-conscious landscapers alike.

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Virginia Native Plants

1. Black Cherry

Virginia Native Plants 1

Botanical Name: Prunus serotina

Clusters of white blooms appear in spring on the Black Cherry, followed by small cherries, providing food for birds.

2. Virginia Bluebell

Botanical Name: Mertensia virginica

Delicate, bell-shaped flowers of soft blue and pink hues bloom in spring on the Virginia Bluebell, creating a charming woodland display.

3. Cardinal Flower

Virginia Native Plants 3

Botanical Name: Lobelia cardinalis

Sporting vibrant red spikes of tubular flowers, this plant attracts hummingbirds and thrives near water sources. Its bold color stands out in gardens and natural habitats.

4. Black-Eyed Susan

Botanical Name: Rudbeckia hirta

With golden-yellow petals and a dark center, this flower blooms all summer. It’s a hardy plant, perfect for sunny gardens.

5. Virginia Creeper

Botanical Name: Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Known for its vibrant red foliage in fall, this Virginia native climbing vine has five-leaflet leaves and tiny green flowers.

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6. American Holly

Botanical Name: Ilex opaca

Glossy, spiky leaves and bright red berries in winter make this evergreen shrub stand out. It’s great for landscaping and provides food for birds during colder months.

7. Eastern Red Columbine

Virginia Native Plants 7

Botanical Name: Aquilegia canadensis

This perennial Virginia native plant features drooping, bell-shaped red and yellow flowers. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

8. Mayapple

Botanical Name: Podophyllum peltatum

This native Virginia plant grows in colonies, creating a unique ground cover in shaded woodlands and adding a touch of wild beauty.

9. Spicebush

Virginia Native Plants 9


Botanical Name: Lindera benzoin

Fragrant yellow flowers bloom before leaves emerge on this plant, and spicy red berries follow. It’s a host plant for butterflies and provides natural pest control in gardens.

10. Wild Ginger

Botanical Name: Asarum canadense

The beautiful heart-shaped leaves of the Wild Ginger carpet the ground, and hidden maroon flowers bloom close to the ground.

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11. White Trillium

Virginia Native Plants 11

Botanical Name: Trillium grandiflorum

Three large, white petals make up this flower, which blooms in early spring. It’s a woodland plant that adds elegance to natural landscapes.

12. Butterflyweed

Botanical Name: Asclepias tuberosa

Clusters of vibrant orange flowers adorn the beautiful Butterflyweed plant in summer, attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.

13. Sweet Bay Magnolia

Virginia Native Plants13

Botanical Name: Magnolia virginiana

The Sweet Bay Magnolia has creamy white, lemon-scented flowers that perfectly complement its glossy green leaves.

14. Common Milkweed

Botanical Name: Asclepias syriaca

Pinkish-purple, ball-like clusters of flowers grace the wonderful Common Milkweed plant. It’s essential for monarch butterflies.

15. Smooth Aster

Virginia Native Plants 15

Botanical Name: Aster laevis

The Smooth Aster has small, lavender-blue flowers that create a profusion of color in late summer and fall.

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16. Joe-Pye Weed

Botanical Name: Eutrochium purpureum

Joe-Pye Weed is a Virginia native plant with clusters of fluffy, mauve-pink flowers on tall stems. It thrives in moist soil, adding height and color to gardens.

17. Pink Turtlehead

Virginia Native Plants17

Botanical Name: Chelone lyonii

The Pink Turtlehead is a Virginia native with rose-pink, snapdragon-like flowers that bloom in late summer. It’s a great choice for wet areas.

18. Eastern Bluestar

Botanical Name: Amsonia tabernaemontana

Clusters of star-shaped, light blue flowers adorn the Eastern Bluestar. It features fine-textured foliage and turns golden in fall.

19. Turk’s Cap Lily

Virginia Native Plants 19

Botanical Name: Lilium superbum

The Turk’s Cap Lily comes with uniquely shaped, downward-facing orange flowers, perfect for making a statement.

20. Goldenrod

Botanical Name: Solidago spp.

Goldenrod is a hardy plant with plumes of bright yellow flowers, that stand out amazingly with its light to dark green leaves.

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21. New York IronweedVirginia Native Plants21

Botanical Name: Vernonia noveboracensis

The New York Ironweed has clusters of deep purple flowers that grow atop tall stems. It thrives in sunny, moist areas, enhancing garden biodiversity.

22. Great Blue Lobelia

Botanical Name: Lobelia siphilitica

With spikes of vibrant blue flowers, the Great Blue Lobelia is a garden favorite from Virginia. It prefers moist soil and partial shade, making it a valuable addition to rain gardens.

23. Swamp MilkweedVirginia Native Plants 23

Botanical Name: Asclepias incarnata

Clusters of pink flowers grow on the Swamp Milkweed, attracting many pollinators. It’s a host plant for native butterflies like the Monarch and thrives in wetland areas.

24. Bee Balm

Botanical Name: Monarda spp.

Bee Balm is a beautiful plant that has showy, tubular flowers in shades of red, pink, or purple.

25. Virginia SweetspireVirginia Native Plants 25

Botanical Name: Itea virginica

Fragrant white flowers drape gracefully on arching branches of the Virginia Sweetspire native plant. It’s adaptable to various soil types.

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26. Buttonbush

Botanical Name: Cephalanthus occidentalis

The Buttonbush plant has unique, round flower clusters that resemble pincushions and attract pollinators.

27. Eastern Purple Coneflower Virginia Native Plants27

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

With purple-petaled flowers with prominent orange-brown cones, the Eastern Purple Coneflower variety is a beauty to admire.

28. Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Botanical Name: Coreopsis lanceolata

With bright yellow, daisy-like blossoms, it’s a low-maintenance perennial that adds sunny charm to gardens.

29. Blue VervainVirginia Native Plants 29

Botanical Name: Verbena hastata

Blue Vervain is known for spikes of tiny blue flowers. It’s a versatile plant that thrives in different soil types, making it suitable for naturalizing.

30. Eastern Redbud

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis

This small tree flaunts heart-shaped leaves and clusters of pink flowers in early spring. It adds a pop of color to gardens and attracts butterflies.

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31. Red Maple

Virginia Native Plants 31

Botanical Name: Acer rubrum

The Red Maple is a wonderful Virginia native tree. Reddish flowers in spring and vibrant red foliage in fall characterize it, setting it apart.

32. Swamp Azalea


Botanical Name: Rhododendron viscosum

The Swamp Azalea gives fragrant, white to pink flowers that bloom in late spring. It thrives in wetland areas and adds beauty and fragrance to gardens.

33. Dwarf Crested IrisVirginia Native Plants 33

Botanical Name: Iris cristata

The Dwarf Crested Iris has delicate, violet-blue flowers with yellow crests that grow close to the ground. It’s a shade-loving perennial and Virginia native.

34. Swamp Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa palustris

The Swamp Rose is a valuable plant for wet areas and has fragrant blooms in shades of pink.

35. Sweetshrub

Virginia Native Plants 35

Botanical Name: Calycanthus floridus

Sweetshrub is a low-maintenance Virginia native shrub with dark red-brown flowers that give off a fruity fragrance.

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36. Wintergreen

Botanical Name: Gaultheria procumbens

Glossy leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers characterize this Virginia native ground cover plant. It’s a shade-loving plant and provides year-round interest with its evergreen foliage.

37. Red Chokeberry

Virginia Native Plants37

Botanical Name: Aronia arbutifolia

The Red Chokeberry has clusters of small white flowers. It also showcases beautiful red berries in the fall months.

38. American Beech

Botanical Name: Fagus grandifolia

A smooth gray bark and elliptical leaves define this beautiful tree species. You can easily spot this in various parks and lawns in Virginia.

39. Sassafras

Virginia Native Plants39

Botanical Name: Sassafras albidum

The Sassafras is another native tree of Virginia with unique leaves that have three distinct shapes. It’s a pioneer species and has fragrant roots.

40. American Hornbeam

Botanical Name: Carpinus caroliniana

Smooth, muscle-like bark and serrated leaves make the American Hornbeam distinctive. It’s a small tree that tolerates shade.

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41. Red Oak

Virginia Native Plants41

Botanical Name: Quercus rubra

Lobed leaves with bristle-tipped lobes are a hallmark of the Red Oak tree. It’s a large shade tree that supports diverse wildlife and enhances landscapes with its majestic presence.

42. Black Gum


Botanical Name: Nyssa sylvatica

The Black Gum is a Virginia Native and has glossy leaves, brilliant fall foliage, and dark blue fruits.

43. Eastern Hemlock


Virginia Native Plants 43

Botanical Name: Tsuga canadensis

The Eastern Hemlock is an evergreen tree with short, flat needles and drooping branches. It’s a valuable tree for Virginia’s wildlife habitat.

44. Red Mulberry

Botanical Name: Morus rubra

Lobed leaves and sweet, edible fruits characterize this tree. The Red Mulberry provides food for birds and mammals and adds natural beauty to lawns.

45. Sourwood

Virginia Native Plants45

Botanical Name: Oxydendrum arboreum

Sourwood is a Virginia native species that has flowers like Lily-of-the-valley and vibrant fall foliage. It’s a honey plant for bees.

45. American Basswood


Botanical Name: Tilia americana

With heart-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers, the American Basswood adds charm to parks and gardens.

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46. White Oak

Virginia Native Plants 46

Botanical Name: Quercus alba

A truly grand and beautiful tree, the White Oak has lobed leaves with rounded tips and acorns.

47. American Elm

Botanical Name: Ulmus americana

Oval leaves with serrated edges and a graceful canopy make the American Elm truly unique.

48. Chestnut Oak

Virginia Native Plants 48

Botanical Name: Quercus montana

The Chestnut Oak has a beautiful chestnut-shade bark and thrives in well-draining soil. It does not do well in standing water, though.

49. Virginia Pine


Botanical Name: Pinus virginiana

With short, twisted needles and small cones, this tree is a Virginia native and grows to 40-70 feet (12-21 meters).

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