24 Best Types of Dudleya You Must Grow

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Are you looking for some beautiful succulents to show off? Pick one from this list of Best Types of Dudleya and you won’t be disappointed!

With 45 types of accepted species of these succulents, you can find them in blue, green, and gray colors – which makes it all so difficult to pick the best one out. Well, don’t worry! We bring you the best Types of Dudleyas to help you out!

Dudleya Plant Information

The Dudleya plant is a native of the western regions of North America, specifically stretching from Oregon down to Baja California. These perennial succulents belong to the Crassulaceae family and are closely related to echeverias and sempervivums. They have been a part of indigenous cultures and traditional gardens for years, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes.

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Dudleyas are incredibly resilient and well-suited to xeriscaping, a landscaping method designed for water conservation. They thrive in arid conditions, making them ideal candidates for drought-prone areas. In nature, they are commonly found on rocky cliffs, coastal bluffs, and scrublands, where they form eye-catching rosettes.

The Dudleya’s distinct appearance is one of its most striking features. Its leaves form compact, rosette shapes that can span from a couple of inches to nearly a foot in diameter. The leaves are usually fleshy, designed to retain water, and come in an array of shapes—spatulate, lanceolate, or even oblanceolate, depending on the species.



Best Types of Dudleya

1. Live Forever

Types of Dudleya 1

Botanical Name: Dudleya Albiflora

These Types of Dudleyas bloom in spring to early summer. With tiny white blooms on long red stalks, its blue-green leaves match perfectly with them.

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2. Tapertip Live Forever


Botanical Name: Dudleya Attenuata

Attenuata is an exciting succulent with spiny leaves in a pencil shape. The leaves turn into pretty rosy-red shades with blue-green leaves when you expose them to direct sunlight.

3. Short-Leaved Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 3
plant social

Botanical Name: Dudleya Brevifolia

Brevifolias are tiny Types of Dudleyas that you can rarely find. With small, cone-shaped leaves, you can find them in purple, brown, red, and green shades.

4. Britton Dudleya


Botanical Name: Dudleya Brittonii

Britton Dudleya or Giant Chalk Dudleya is an ornamental succulent with nearly white leaves that makes it a fascinating sight to behold.

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5. Coast Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 5

Botanical Name: Dudleya Caespitosa

Another attractive Dudleya succulent is Coast Dudleya which you can find in shades of gray and green. With tiny yellow, orange, and red flowers – it stands out!

6. Candleholder Dudleya


Botanical Name: Dudleya Candelabrum

With light green leaves in the shape of a spade, these Types of Dudleyas can grow up in a neat rosette shape.

7. Canyon Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 7

 Botanical Name: Dudleya Cymosa

Canyon Dudleya is one of the most impressive of all the Dudleya succulents. With very tall flower spikes, they can hold large clusters of red blooms in the shape of a trumpet.

8. Mission Lettuce


Botanical Name: Dudleya Edulis

Mission Lettuce is very different from most of the other types of Dudleya. It is tall and has tubular leaves that can grow straight and form small clusters.

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9. Bluff Lettuce

Types of Dudleya 9

Botanical Name: Dudleya Farinosa

These Types of Dudleyas turn into red shades when you provide them with direct sunlight for 4-5 hours every day. It also grows beautiful yellow flowers!

10. Munchkin Liveforever


Botanical Name: Dudleya Gnoma

Munchkin Liveforever is another rare type of Dudleya succulents. You can add this one to your indoor succulent collection because of its compact growth.

11. Greene’s Liveforever

Types of Dudleya 11

 Botanical Name: Dudleya Greenei

With impressive tall flower stalks, these Types of Dudleyas have leaves that grow up in compact, upright rosettes with a pointed tip.

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12. Baja Live Forever


Botanical Name: Dudleya Ingens

With red spots on green leaves and loose rosettes, the leaves of Baja Live Forever are comparatively large. The plant also resembles the leaves of Agave.

13. Lanceleaf Liveforever

Types of Dudleya 13

Botanical Name: Dudleya Lanceolata

Lanceleaf Liveforever is another Types of Dudleyas with a heavy, waxy coating on their leaves. It is very variable in the shape of the leaves – from thick to flat, to elongated.

14. Bright Green Dudleya

Botanical Name: Dudleya virens ssp. hassei

Bright Green Dudleya is a perennial succulent plant from Santa Catalina Island. Usually, it loves to grow on cliffs and rocks and at elevations up to 1,300 feet from sea level.

15. Coast Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 15

 Botanical Name: Dudleya caespitosa

With fleshy, cone, or oblong-shaped, pale green leaves, these Types of Dudleyas grow clusters of yellow flowers that looks simply fabulous!

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16. Santa Barbara Island Live Forever


Botanical Name: Dudleya traskiae

Santa Barbara Island Live Forever is another rare succulent type endemic to Santa Barbara Island. It grows tiny bright yellow blooms on long stalks.

17. Bright Green Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 17

Botanical Name: Dudleya virens

These Types of Dudleyas belong to the family of Crassulaceae, and have strap-shaped, meaty leaves, forming neat rosettes with white flowers.

18. Low Canyon Dudleya


Botanical Name: Dudleya cymosa ssp. pumila

These Types of Dudleyas love to grow on rocky slopes natively but you can also have them in containers – thanks to their compact shape and beautiful red flowers.

19 . Sticky Dudleya

Types of Dudleya 19

Botanical Name: Dudleya viscida

Sticky Dudleya is a stunning succulent with compact light green leaves. The flowers grow on long stalks that can grow almost 10-14 inches in length!

20. Palmer’s Dudleya


Botanical Name: Dudleya Palmeri

These Types of Dudleyas form a basal rosette and can grow up to 15-20 centimeters in width. This plant grows orange-red flowers on erect stalks.

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21. Santa Clara Valley

Types of Dudleya 21

Botanical Name: Dudleya abramsii ssp. setchellii

These Types of Dudleyas are usually found on rocky outcrops within serpentine grasslands in South San Jose. They can grow up to 3-4 feet high flower stalks.

22. Abrams’ Liveforever


Botanical Name: Dudleya abramsii

These Types of Dudleyas have waxy thick leaves with oblong to triangular shape. The plant grows bright yellow-green flowers.

23. Orcutt’s Liveforever

Types of Dudleya 23

Botanical Name: Dudleya attenuata ssp. attenuata

With tidy rosettes, these Types of Dudleyas can grow up to 3-4 inches in height and width with tiny pink and white blooms.

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24. San Gabriel Mountains Dudleya


Botanical Name: Dudleya densiflora

San Gabriel Mountains Dudleya prefers to grow in the crevices and cracks of the granite slopes natively. The more sunlight it gets, the more colorful it becomes.

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