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23 Different Types of Dragonfly in the Garden

Here’s a comprehensive list of the different Types of Dragonfly in the Garden. Read on to know in detail about them!

If you have always wanted to know about the world of different Types of Dragonfly in the Garden, then this post is a must-read!

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Types of Dragonfly in the Garden

There are approximately 5,000 known species of dragonflies worldwide, and around 300 of these can be found in North America. The types you’ll find in your garden will depend on your geographical location, the presence of water bodies nearby, and the types of plants and insects available as food sources.

Here are some common types of dragonflies that might visit gardens across different regions:

1. Emerald Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 1

Scientific Name: Somatochlora hineana

Native to: United States

First on the list of different Types of Dragonfly, it belongs to the Corduliidae family. The American emerald is the only one native to North America.

2. River Cruiser Dragonfly

Scientific Name: Macromiidae

Native to: Southwestern Wisconsin, Mississippi

River cruisers are dragonflies popular for their ability to travel long distances along riverbanks and roads. Their standout feature is their bright green eyes.

3. Spiketail Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 3Scientific Name: Cordulegastridae

Native to: North America

Next on the list of different Types of Dragonfly, these have long bodies, are large in size, and have a distinct bright yellow pattern on their brown or black abdomen.

4. Petaltail Dragonfly

Scientific Name: Tachopteryx thoreyi

Native to: East Coast of the United States as far north as New York

Petaltail dragonflies are named after their long and straight tail, resembling petals. They belong to the ancient Petaluridae family, dating back around 150 million years!

5. Saddlebag Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 5

Scientific Name: Tramea

Native to: Fiji

These Types of Dragonfly are also famous as “dancing gliders” due to their unique mating dance, during which they lay eggs.

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6. Clubtail Dragonfly

Scientific Name: Gomphus vulgatissimus

Native to: Europe

These Types of Dragonfly have a club-shape tail, earning them the name “clubtails” or “bladetails.” However, this tail feature is more common in males than females.

7. Hawker Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 7

Scientific Name: Aeshna juncea

Native to: Palearctic (from Ireland to Japan) and northern North America

They are large dragonflies commonly found in North America. One interesting behavior is their mid-flight mating and egg-laying near water.

8. Skimmer Dragonfly


Scientific Name: Libellulidae

Native to: United States

Skimmers, also known as perchers, are a type of dragonfly commonly found in North America. Skimmers like to rest on crops and plants exposed to sunlight.

9. Tigertail Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 9

Scientific Name: Ictinogomphus ferox

Native to: Angola, Botswana, Central African Republic

They are one of the oldest dragonfly species and are commonly found in Australia and New Guinea, preferring slow-moving water bodies like lakes and ponds.

10. Spreadwing Damselfly

Scientific Name: Lestes dryas

Native to: Northern parts of Eurasia and North America

In North America, there are 20 species of spreadwing damselflies that are often found near still or slow-moving water. They perch on plants and crops to search for food.

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11. Darner Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 11

Scientific Name: Anax junius

Native to: North America

Darners are a type of dragonfly in the Aeshnidae family, along with hawkers. They have a black body with distinct blue spots and are commonly found near water bodies.

12. Broadwing Damselfly

Scientific Name: Calopteryx aequabilis

Native to: Northern United States and southern Canada

These Types of Dragonfly are famous for their distinctly wide wings and vibrant metallic green or blue hues.

13. Twelve Spotted Skimmer

Types of Dragonfly 13

Scientific Name: Libellula pulchella

Native to: North America

A common Types of Dragonfly, it is recognized by its twelve brown spots across its four wings and white spots between the brown on mature males.

14. Eastern Pondhawk


Scientific Name: Erythemis simplicicollis

Native to: United States, southern Ontario and Quebec, Canada

A species common in Eastern North America, it is popular for its sexual dimorphism where males are blue and females/immature males are green.

15. Blue Emperor Dragonfly

Types of Dragonfly 15Scientific Name: Anax imperator

Native to: Europe and eastern Asia

A large and powerful species native to Europe and North Africa, notable for its bright blue body and green-tinged thorax.

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16. Red Veined Darter

Scientific Name: Sympetrum fonscolombii

Native to: Central and southern Europe

A dragonfly of the Sympetrum genus, identifiable by its red veins and red-brown body. The color of is body makes it appear menacing!

17. Migrant Hawker

Types of Dragonfly 17

Scientific Name: Aeshna mixta

Native to: Central and southern Europe, north Africa, the Middle East and across Asia to China and Japan

One of the medium Types of Dragonfly, it is popular for its blue and yellow markings and its habit of forming large feeding swarms.

18. Widow Skimmer


Scientific Name: Libellula luctuosa

Native to: United States and southeastern Canada

A common dragonfly in North America, distinguished by its size and the large, whitish-blue patches on its wings.

19. Broad Bodied Chaser

Types of Dragonfly 19

Scientific Name: Libellula depressa

Native to: Europe and Asia

Native to Europe and Asia, this dragonfly is named for its broad, flat body and is known for its aggressive territorial behavior.

20.  Blue Dasher


Scientific Name: Pachydiplax longipennis

Native to: North America, Central America, and South America

A common and widespread one in North America, these Types of Dragonfly are recognizable by their blue body and green eyes.

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21. Black Tailed Skimmer

Types of Dragonfly 21

Scientific Name: Orthetrum cancellatum

Native to: Europe and Asia

A European and Asian dragonfly, characterized by its pale yellow to gray body and a black tip on its tail.

22. Southern Hawker

Scientific Name: Aeshna cyanea

Native to: Europe

A large hawker found in Europe and Asia, these Types of Dragonfly are known for their bright green and blue markings and their active, inquisitive behavior.

23. Four-spotted Chaser

Types of Dragonfly 23Scientific Name: Libellula quadrimaculata

Native to: Europe, Asia, and North America

One of the common Types of Dragonfly across Europe, Asia, and North America, it is named for the dark spots it has on the midpoint of the front edge of each wing.

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