13 Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden

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Do you know about Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden? Well, we have some really useful ideas for you!

From practical solutions like cushioned kneeler pads to imaginative creations like plant hangers and colorful garden decor, get ready to unleash your creativity with these Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden.

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Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden

1. Use it for Germinating Seeds

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 1

Boost the chances of successful germination by putting the seeds in a moist paper towel. Keep misting the paper towel to provide moisture, that is essential for seed germination.

You may also keep the towel in a box to create a humid atmosphere that’ll aid the process. Here is the complete DIY.

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2. Outdoor Chair Cushions with Old Towels

By repurposing old towels, you can create unique and comfortable cushions for your outdoor chairs. Simply measure, cut, and sew the towels to fit the chair dimensions and attach them securely.

It’s a budget-friendly way to add comfort and style to your outdoor seating area while giving new life to your old towels. Check out the DIY here.

3. Dry Your Greens

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 3

All you need is an old tea towel! Just gently press the tea towel onto the leaves, and it will soak up the extra moisture, leaving your greens crisp and fresh for a longer time.

So, the next time you’re making your favorite salad in the kitchen, grab a tea towel and say goodbye to soggy greens! Learn it here.

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4. Kneeling Pad

Fold or stack a few towels together to create a comfortable and protective cushion for your knees while gardening. Whether you’re weeding, planting, or pruning, this simple solution helps reduce strain and discomfort on your joints. Learn how to make it here.

5. Caterpillar Traps Using Old Towels

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 5

Caterpillars, can eat away the leaves of trees, causing temporary damage that may not look pleasing. These caterpillars often move up and down the trunk during the day to escape from predators, especially when they are big and active. To catch these caterpillars effectively, you can use a simple cloth or old towel trap tied around the trunk at chest height.

Once the caterpillars are trapped, you can remove them and put them in a bucket of soapy water to get rid of them. You can replace or reuse the towel traps as needed to keep your trees safe. Here is the DIY.

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6. Make a Flower Planter

Here’s another fun and creative project for you using an old towel you no longer use: creating a cement towel planter! It’s a fantastic way to upcycle your towels.

With just a few supplies and a little bit of elbow grease, you can turn an old towel into a beautiful and cherished concrete towel planter that will bring joy for years to come.

Remember to stay safe by wearing gloves when working with concrete, and let your creativity shine as you transform plain concrete into a personalized work of art. Here is the DIY.

7. Garden Tool Cleaning

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 7

Keep your garden tools clean and in good condition by using old towels to wipe off dirt, debris, and excess moisture. Regularly cleaning and drying your tools helps prevent rust and extends their lifespan.

Here is the complete DIY to keep your garden tools new using old towels.

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8. Garden or Beach Bag

Transforming your old towels into a handy outdoor beach or garden bag is a breeze! With a few simple materials like a beach towel, cotton webbing, a sewing machine, thread, sewing pins, and scissors, you can create a personalized bag that fits your style.

It’s a fantastic way to repurpose your old towels and have a practical and stylish accessory for your beach or garden adventures. Learn how to make one here.

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9. Pot Handlers

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 9

Creating pot holders for your garden using old towels is a brilliant way to repurpose and breathe new life into worn-out linens. Just cut out three squares of equal size—one from the towel and two from the cover fabric. Layer them together with the terry cloth in the middle, right sides facing out. Sew around the edges, leaving an opening for turning later.

These garden pot holders are not only practical for handling hot pots and pans but also a wonderful way to give your old towels a new purpose in your gardening adventures. Here is the DIY.

10. Garden Towel Apron

Bid farewell to dirt and grime ruining your clothes while cooking or gardening. Safeguard your attire by fashioning a practical kitchen and garden apron from old towels—discover how to make one with this helpful guide.

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11. Old Towel Cats

Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 11

Transform your garden and home decor with eye-catching towel cats made from old towels. Enhance your surroundings with these quick and easy DIY towel cats that add a unique touch to any space. Check them out here.

12. Towel Cloth Caddy

Achieve an organized look and ample storage space for your gardening equipment with a towel cloth caddy. This DIY tutorial guides you through creating a functional and stylish caddy—definitely one of the Cool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden.

13. Old Towel WashclothCool Things to Do With Old Towels in the Garden 13

Did you know you could turn your old towels into amazing washcloths for the garden? Never run out of washcloths again and keep your hands clean while tending to your plants—they’re the perfect size and thickness for effortless cleaning. Here is the DIY.

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