22 Garden Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall

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Do you have too much of fall foliage stacked up in your garden? Well, here are the top Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall!Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall

The fall season is more than just a display of vibrant foliage; it’s a goldmine of opportunity for gardeners. Those endless heaps of fallen leaves are packed with potential that can enrich your garden, enhance your soil, and even serve as tools for creative home projects! Astonished? Have a look at the amazing Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall!

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Garden Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall

1. Compost Them

Is your yard drowning in a sea of fallen autumn leaves? Don’t just bag ’em and toss ’em! Turn those leaves into what gardeners affectionately call “Black Gold.”

Turn that leafy pile with a shovel and keep it a little damp. Throw in some veggie scraps, eggshells, or coffee grounds to spice things up.

After a few months, your compost will be ready when it looks, feels, and smells like dark, rich soil. Use it to give your garden that VIP treatment it deserves!

2. Leaf Mold

Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall 2

Turn your yard’s “crunchy carpet” of fallen leaves into gardeners’ black gold! That’s right, it’s time for Leaf Mold!

Rake up those leaves like they’re dollar bills—because they’re gold for your garden! Moisten the leaves and let nature do its thing for 6-12 months. Feel free to poke it with a stick occasionally to aerate. Once it’s crumbly and smells earthy, it’s ready to use!

3. Natural Mulch


Fire up your lawn mower or leaf shredder and get down to business with the fall leaves. Spread the shredded leaves out and let ’em dry for a day. Dry leaves break down faster, giving your soil that A+ nutrition.

Now, spread that shredded leaf goodness around your plants, avoiding direct contact with stems. Aim for a 2-3 inch layer.

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4. Vegetable Bed Blanket

Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall 6

Keep those root veggies toasty with a blanket of autumn leaves. Start layering those leaves around your veggie plants. Aim for 2 to 3 inches in depth. Make sure the leaves are snug around the veggies, but not smothering them. They need to breathe, you know!

5. Insulation for Plants

For the coming winter, it shouldn’t mean your plants have to freeze their petals off. With fall leaves, you can create a cozy insulation that’s as effective as it is seasonal.

Pile the leaves around the base of each plant. Shoot for a 4 to 6-inch layer. Give the leaves a little pat-down to help them stay put. Boom! Your plants are now winter-ready and stylish to boot!

6. Winter Mulch for Bulbs

Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall 7

Your bulbs need some TLC to survive the chill. Lucky for you, those crispy Fall leaves aren’t just for jumping into; they can be your bulbs’ cozy winter blanket!

Put on those gloves and spread the dry, shredded leaves over your bulb beds. Aim for a 3-4 inch layer. Make sure you don’t smother the bulbs; they need to breathe!

7. Crafting Material

Head outside and pick leaves that are vibrant in color and relatively intact. Avoid leaves that are turning brown or brittle; they’ve already enrolled in the leaf retirement home! Give your selected leaves a quick rinse to remove any dirt and let them air dry.

  • Lay out some newspapers to keep your workspace clean. Use a paintbrush to apply a layer of Mod Podge or white glue to one side of the leaf.
  • Optional but fun – sprinkle some glitter or add a few drops of paint to make your leaf pop.
  • Here’s a great video you can watch.

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8. Leaf Pile Fun

Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall 12

Ah! The fall leaf piles! Nature’s trampolines. Jumping into one is a quintessential fall experience!

Start piling those leaves up high. Remember, we’re not going for a pancake; we’re building a mountain! With your leaf pile all setup, let the games begin! Jump, roll, or just lay in it for that ultimate autumnal bliss!

Note: Before jumping in, do a quick scan for any sticks, rocks, or wayward garden tools. Safety is still the name of the game.

9. Homemade Leaf Pots


Shape leaves into small bowl and showcase it on a center table or any place of your liking! Here’s a great video on this!

10. Fall Leaf Tea

Things to Do with Fallen Leaves in Fall 23

Compost tea, and that, too, made with fall leaves! Sounds like a great idea!

Dump the leaves in the water. About 4 cups of shredded leaves for 5 gallons of water is the golden ratio. Let the potion brew for 24-48 hours, strain, and pour the liquid directly onto the soil around your plants. Boom! You just served them a 5-star meal.

11. Feed the Lawn


How about turning fall leaves into the ultimate lawn snack?

Shred the leaves and evenly distribute them over your lawn. Once done, give a gentle sprinkle. That’s it! You are done. Your lawn will now dine some organic feed!

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12. Leaf Pathways

First things first, decide where this scenic route is going. Maybe it leads to a cozy firepit, a garden, or a decorative birdbath. Your choice!

  • Channel your inner squirrel and start collecting leaves. Make sure they’re dry to avoid the “mush factor.” Use a rake, or if you’re feeling fancy, use a leaf blower.
  • Add some border material like stones or logs. This will serve as the catwalk for your leaves.
  • Once your stage is set, lay the leaves in a single layer or double if you’re feeling extra cushy!
  • If you want your leafy masterpiece to last a bit longer, consider using a non-toxic sealant spray. This will keep the leaves from breaking down too quickly.

13. Animal Bedding

Fallen Leaves in Fall 11

If you have small animals like rabbits or chickens, leaves can be used as bedding material in their enclosures. Create a layer of leaves in your pet’s bedding area. Not too thin, not too thick!

14. Natural Bird Nests

Offering natural bird nests made from fall leaves can be a wonderful way to support your local avian community.

Start by intertwining the twigs and small branches to form a base. This gives the nest its basic shape and structure. If needed, use natural fiber to tie it together.

For the inner layer, you can add softer material like dried grass or even additional smaller leaves. This creates a comfortable environment for the birds.

Hang your DIY leaf nest in a tree, away from predator reach but easily accessible for birds.

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15. Leaf Art

Fallen Leaves in Fall 13

1. Leaf Stamps: When Nature Meets Ink

  • Leaves
  • Washable Paint
  • Paper
  • Paintbrush


  1. Paint the underside of a leaf.
  2. Press the leaf onto paper like you’re giving it a high-five.
  3. Lift to reveal your leafy impression.

Here’s the DIY with detailed steps.

Pro Tip: Use different leaf shapes for an all-natural variety show.

2. Pressed Leaf Coasters: Hydration Meets Decoration

  • Leaves
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Felt Pads


  1. Coat a ceramic tile with Mod Podge.
  2. Place your leaf on it.
  3. Apply another layer of Mod Podge.
  4. Let dry, attach felt pads to the bottom.

Follow this DIY for more details.

Pro Tip: These make great gifts, just saying!

3. Leafy Wall Art: Because Your Walls Get Lonely

  • Leaves
  • Picture Frame
  • White Paper
  • Glue


  1. Arrange your leaves on a white paper to your artistic liking.
  2. Glue the leaves in place.
  3. Frame it!

You can find more details in this DIY.

Pro Tip: Get fancy with a multi-panel leaf collage.

16. Leaf Jewelry

Want to carry the vibrant colors of fall leaves wherever you go? Leave the store-bought stuff behind; we’ve got an easy-peasy DIY project for you!

Your very own fall leaf jewelry! Simple, trendy, and most importantly, as unique as you are!

17. Leafy Potpourri

Fallen Leaves in Fall 15

Mix fall leaves with aromatic spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise. Put your leafy-spicy mix in a Ziploc bag and shake it.

Now, pour your potpourri into a pretty bowl or sachets and place it wherever you want a sniff of autumn magic!

18. Leafy Bookmarks

Don’t just grab the first leaf you see. Look for ones that have vivid colors and are free from blemishes. If your leaves are damp, press them in a book for a day or two until they dry out.

Place your perfect leaf between two laminating sheets. Make sure there’s enough space around the leaf for a good seal. Run it through your laminator. No laminator? No problem. Just use clear packing tape on both sides of the leaf.

Viola! You are done! You can also check out this great DIY!

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19. Leafy Wreaths

Fallen Leaves in Fall 17

In less time than it takes to decide on a Netflix show, you can create a leafy wreath that’ll make your neighbors green with envy!

  • Don your most “basic” scarf and boots, and let’s forage for those crunchy, colorful fall leaves. Your backyard is a treasure trove; don’t ignore it.
  • Got your wreath form? Awesome. No wreath form? A wire hanger bent into a circle works too. #LifeHacks
  • Grab that floral wire and start securing those leaves around the wreath form. Hot glue can add extra grip. Make sure the leaves overlap for a lush look.
  • Hot glue some acorns, maybe a pinecone or two, and why not throw in a ribbon? Make it your own – Your masterpiece is ready!

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20. Share with Neighbors


If you have an abundance of fallen leaves, consider offering them to neighbors or local community gardens. They’ll appreciate the free organic material for their own gardening projects.

21. Leafy Insect Repellent


Certain leaves like citronella and eucalyptus are natural insect repellents. Crush and scatter them in outdoor areas to deter mosquitoes and other insects. Check it out here.

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22. Leafy Soil Erosion Control

Fallen Leaves in Fall 19

Create a natural barrier by layering leaves on slopes prone to erosion. They absorb water and prevent soil from washing away during heavy rains.

Next time you spot leaves in your garden, don’t toss them away! Instead, gather them up and put them to good use with these. Grab those leaves and let your creativity bloom!

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