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23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties

Here is the list of the Best Snapdragon Varieties that will bring the best combination of colors and petals to your garden!

In this guide, we’ll showcase the top-rated Snapdragon Varieties renowned for their exceptional beauty.

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Best Snapdragon Varieties

1. Aroma

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 1

Snapdragon varieties like ‘Red Spice,’ ‘French Vanilla,’ ‘Fresh Lemon,’ ‘Peach Breeze,’ and ‘Magenta Mist’ offer an array of captivating colors and scents.

2. Admiral

The Admiral series showcases single flowers in vibrant colors such as crimson, white, yellow, purple, and a beautiful blend of white and pink.

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3. Bright Butterflies

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 2

These snapdragon varieties feature vibrant double flowers on tall spikes. The plant comes in red, pink, purple, yellow, and white blooms.

4. Black Prince

Contrary to its name, ‘Black Prince’ doesn’t display a black color. Instead, it showcases dark green leaves with a deep maroon-red flowers.

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5. Candy Showers

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 3

Perfect for hanging baskets or trailing from pots, these snapdragon varieties feature double blooms in vibrant shades of orange, rose, and yellow.

6. Chantilly

The Chantilly series is popular for its impressive height and features double flowers in a range of vibrant colors, including red, pink, orange, white, and yellow.

7. Costa

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 4

These snapdragon varieties display silvery pink single flowers. Some cultivars may also bloom apricot, rose, and white flowers.

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8. Calima

The Calima series was specifically developed for warmer regions and showcases single flowers in shades of pink, deep rose, ivory white, pure white, and yellow.

9. Floral Showers

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 5

The Floral Showers series showcases compact fragrant flowers in a wide range of captivating colors, including bronze, red, lilac, salmon, scarlet, and rose!

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10. Frosted Flames

These snapdragon varieties feature large single flowers in rose, pink, crimson, red, yellow, cream, and bicolor. These plants stand out with their cream and green leaves.

11. La Bella23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 6

The La Bella series charms with its highly fragrant double blooms in shades of white, bronze, pink, and yellow.

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12. Liberty

With stalks reaching heights of 25 to 30 inches, these snapdragon varieties showcase single blooms in an array of captivating colors.

13. Little Darling

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 7

Little Darling, the AAS Award winner in 1971, is an exceptional flower with single blooms in various colors that look stunning on tall stalks.

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14. Lucky Lips

Featuring flowers in a pristine white hue with vibrant magenta on the inner petals, these snapdragon varieties create a striking illusion of ‘lips.’

15. Madame Butterfly

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 8

This snapdragon variety showcases exceptionally large and ruffled double blossoms that come in a charming palette of lavender, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and white.

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16. Magic Carpet

Its single flowers form a colorful carpet in shades of pink, purple, yellow, salmon, and pale purple. Standing at around 8-12 inches tall, these snapdragon varieties stand out!

17. Night and Day

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 9

The upper petals of these snapdragon varieties are of dark red color, with lower petals having a white hue, giving it a fantastic combination!

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18. Maximum

These summer snapdragons reach impressive heights of 3-5 feet, showcasing single blossoms in a stunning range of colors!

19. Potomac

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 10

These snapdragon varieties are a must-have if you like fragrance, as they come with a sweet scent and delicate white flowers featuring a plum center.

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20. Red Flame

It produces tall, erect spikes of vibrant red flowers. The blooms have a distinct snap-like shape, with a large lower petal that serves as a landing platform for pollinators.

21. Rocket Mix

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 11

These snapdragon varieties are acclaimed for stunning flowers that come in exquisite shades of bronze, burgundy, crimson, pink, white, and yellow.

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22. Twinny Apple­blossom

It produces tall spikes of double flowers in a delicate apple blossom color. The blooms have layers of petals, creating a fuller and more textured appearance.

23. Madame Butter­fly Bronze

23 Most Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties 12

The blooms of these snapdragon varieties have a distinctive butterfly-like appearance due to their double or semi-double petals. The color of the flowers is a rich, warm bronze tone.

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