18 Best Purple Tulips Varieties | Purple Tulip Meaning

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Check out the most stunning Purple Tulips Varieties that will surely make your garden and home stand out with their royal shade!

Purple Tulip Varieties – From delicate lilacs to deep, regal hues, the world of purple tulips offers a captivating range of shades that can transform any garden or floral arrangement into a sea of royal splendor!

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Purple Tulip Meaning – Gifting

Purple tulips are not just a feast for the eyes; they come with their own set of meanings and symbolism. Often associated with royalty, elegance, and nobility, the color purple adds a layer of sophistication to these already beautiful blooms.

When gifted, purple tulips often symbolize admiration and respect, making them a thoughtful choice for occasions where you want to convey deep regard for someone, be it a mentor, a family member, or a beloved friend.

Purple Tulip Meaning – In Gardens

In the context of a garden, purple tulips can bring a sense of mystery and allure, contrasting beautifully with lighter-colored flowers to create a visually arresting display. They are often interpreted as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, resonating with the very essence of springtime when tulips usually bloom.

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Purple Tulip Meaning Across Cultures

Western Culture

In Western cultures, the color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige. Purple Tulip Varieties, therefore, are seen as a symbol of sophistication and are often used in ceremonial occasions like weddings or as gifts to signify respect and admiration.

Eastern Culture

In some Eastern cultures, purple is symbolic of spiritual awakening and calm. Purple tulips might be used in spiritual ceremonies or given as gifts to someone embarking on a new spiritual journey.

Ancient Rome

In Ancient Roman times, the color purple was incredibly expensive to produce and was, therefore, limited to the wealthiest classes. It was symbolic of power and wealth, a context within which purple tulips could very well have been a prized possession.

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The Netherlands

Considering the Netherlands is known for its tulip fields, purple tulips in Dutch culture are viewed as one of many beautiful variants of their national flower. They don’t have a specific symbolic meaning beyond the general symbolism of tulips, which pertains to perfect love.

Turkish Culture

Purple Tulip Varieties have a special place in Turkish history. Known as “Lale” in Turkish, tulips are considered a symbol of paradise on earth and have a period in history known as the “Tulip era” dedicated to them.

Modern Interpretations

In modern-day contexts, Purple Tulip Varieties are often seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, which aligns with their springtime blooming season. They are also considered emblematic of luxury and elegance, making them a popular choice for events that call for a touch of opulence.

Best Purple Tulips Varieties

1. Purple Prince Tulips

Purple Tulips Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Prince’

Native to Europe, these Purple Tulip Varieties stand out for their deep violet petals with contrasting ivory edges. These compact tulips are early bloomers, gracing gardens in early spring.

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2. Negrita Tulip

Shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Negrita’

Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Negrita Tulips are characterized by their velvety purple petals. These mid-sized tulips can thrive for 2-3 years and are excellent for both garden beds and containers.

3. Blue Spectacle Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 3

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Spectacle’

These Purple Tulip Varieties boast vibrant purple-blue petals with yellow centers. Originating in the Netherlands, these late spring bloomers can last for 2-3 years, adding a pop of color to your garden.

4. Ronaldo Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Ronaldo’

Ronaldo Tulips, with their rich purple hue, are native to Holland. These late-spring bloomers have a lifespan of 2-3 years and can grow up to 16-20 inches tall, making them a striking addition to any garden.

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5. Purple Flag Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Flag’

Native to the Middle East, Purple Flag Tulips feature deep purple petals with white edges. They typically bloom in early spring and have a life expectancy of 3-4 years.

6. Violet Beauty Tulip


Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Violet Beauty’

Violet Beauty Tulips, originating from Europe, are characterized by their intense purple color and slightly pointed petals. These Purple Tulip Varieties can last for 2-3 years and bloom in early spring.

7. Blue Wow Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 7

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Wow’

Blue Wow Tulips, hailing from the Netherlands, display a stunning violet-blue hue. These plants can thrive for 2-3 years and are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

8. Queen of Night Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

Originating in the Netherlands, the Queen of Night Tulip is a deep, velvety purple tulip that symbolizes elegance and mystery. These late spring bloomers have a very intense, almost black like shade.

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9. Purple Lady Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 9

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Lady’

Purple Lady Tulips, originating in Europe, are known for their elegant shape and deep purple color. These Purple Tulip Varieties have a lifespan of 3-4 years and bloom in early spring.

10. Purple Dream Tulip


Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Dream’

Purple Dream Tulips, native to Europe, showcase vibrant purple petals with a delicate white base. These mid-sized tulips stay low, which makes them perfect to grow in small gardens or pots.

11. Blue Parrot Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 11

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Parrot’

Blue Parrot Tulips, hailing from the Mediterranean region, have distinctive fringed petals and a rich purple-blue hue. These flowers are a little larger than the usual tulip varieties.

12. Purple Peony Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Peony’

Purple Peony Tulips, native to the Middle East, resemble peony flowers with their lush, double-layered petals. These Purple Tulip Varieties display an amazing color combo with their green foliage.

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13. Blue Ribbon Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 13

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Ribbon’

Blue Ribbon Tulips, originating from Europe, exhibit deep purple-blue petals with white edges. These mid-sized tulips have a two tone shade, which adds a contrasting appeal to the garden.

14. Purple Rain Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Rain’

Purple Rain Tulips, native to Iran, feature vivid purple petals with white accents. These Purple Tulip Varieties can last for 2-3 years and add a splash of color to your garden.

15. Blue Diamond Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 15
Fragrance Flowers

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Diamond’

Blue Diamond Tulips, hailing from the Netherlands, boast a rich violet-blue hue. If you are someone who likes big flowers in bunch, then this is surely the plant to go for!

16. Purple Heart Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Heart’

Purple Heart Tulips, native to Europe, are known for their deep purple petals and distinct heart-shaped markings. These Purple Tulip Varieties grow tall and can achieve an impressive height of 12-16 inches.

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17. Purple Tower Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 17

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Tower’

Originating in Europe, Purple Tower Tulips are known for their tall, elegant stems and rich purple petals. These are not actually fully purple but have the shade at the top portion of the blooms.

18. Blue Heron Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Heron’

Blue Heron Tulips, native to the Middle East, showcase deep purple-blue petals with striking white accents. These Purple Tulip Varieties have fringed petals and also display a light pink hue.

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