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11 Stunning Purple Calla Lily Varieties

If you are a fan of vivid colors, then do check out these gorgeous Purple Calla Lily Varieties that will surely bring a royal appeal!

Calla lilies are celebrated for their elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms and attractive foliage. Their color range is impressive, spanning from pristine white to vibrant hues of pink, yellow, orange, and indeed, various shades of captivating purple. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Purple Calla Lily Varieties!

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Purple Calla Lily Varieties

1. Zantedeschia ‘Picasso’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 1
Zantedeschia ‘Picasso’ ®

This Purple Calla Lily is loved for its unique, dual-color flowers. The blooms are primarily creamy white with striking purple throats that add a dramatic flair to any arrangement.

2. Zantedeschia ‘Night Cap’

‘Night Cap’ boasts of intense, deep purple flowers. This cultivar is sure to make a bold statement in your garden with its striking, dark-hued blooms.

3. Zantedeschia ‘Purple Heart’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 3

As the name suggests, ‘Purple Heart’ has beautiful, heart-shaped purple flowers. The deep color of this Purple Calla Lily contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow spadix.

4. Zantedeschia ‘Black Star’


‘Black Star’ exhibits a very dark purple, nearly black coloration. This stunning, mysterious Purple Calla Lily is sure to stand out in any planting scheme.

5. Zantedeschia ‘Regal’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 7

The ‘Regal’ calla lily blooms in a delightful shade of lavender, providing a softer purple option for those who favor pastel palettes.

6. Zantedeschia ‘Ruby Sensation’

This Purple Calla Lily stands out with its ruby-purple flowers. The beautiful, vibrant blooms are a showstopper and can add a splash of color to any garden or bouquet.

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7. Zantedeschia ‘Paco’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 11

This variety offers flowers in a deep, eggplant-purple shade that provides a stunning contrast to its lush, green foliage.

8. Zantedeschia ‘Amethyst’

‘Amethyst’ presents a softer hue of lavender purple, which exudes a gentle, calming presence in the garden or a floral arrangement.

9. Zantedeschia ‘Red Alert’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 15

Don’t let the name mislead you. ‘Red Alert’ actually blooms with a beautiful reddish-purple hue that adds a unique and dramatic tone to any garden.

10. Zantedeschia ‘Black Charm’


Another almost-black variety, this Purple Calla Lily blooms in a profound purple so deep it’s almost black, offering a stunning visual depth to your garden.

11. Zantedeschia ‘Purple Prince’

Purple Calla Lily Varieties 18

‘Purple Prince’ impresses with its large, royal purple flowers. The vivid color of this Purple Calla Lily can bring a regal touch to your garden or floral bouquets.

As you can see, the purple calla lily range offers a fascinating diversity of shades and intensities. There’s a purple calla lily to suit every gardener’s preference, whether you’re after something bold and dramatic or subtle and soothing.


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