12 Most Beautiful Pink and Yellow Roses

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Pink and Yellow Roses offer a stunning combination of two of the most famous hues. Here are the best ones you can grow!

Bored of having the same colored blooms in your garden? Don’t worry! We have some stunning Pink and Yellow Roses that you must try growing for a vivid change!

Formation of Pink and Yellow Roses

Pink and Yellow Roses form through a combination of different pigments in the petals. The pink color comes from pigments called anthocyanins, while the yellow color comes from carotenoid pigments.

These pigments mix and interact in the petals’ cells, resulting in the beautiful blend of pink and yellow hues that we see in these roses. The exact shades and patterns of pink and yellow can vary depending on the specific variety and genetics of the rose.

Different Types of Pink and Yellow Roses

Some of the roses on this list may not have a contrasting and vivid differentiation of colors in the petals and might showcase a mild hue of the colors in question. 

1. Just Joey Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Just Joey’

These Pink and Yellow Roses show love and a warm glow withtheir pinky-apricot and yellow colors. They smell like a mix of sweet fruit and a bit of spice.

2. Sunstruck Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Sunstruck’

The Sunstruck Rose is native to the United States and makes outdoor places feel happy. It has yellow petals with a hint of pink. The flowers smells light and fruity.

3. Brandy Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Brandy’

The Brandy Rose means classy style, showing off cozy apricot-yellow shades. These Pink and Yellow Roses smells rich, like fruits with a hint of mild spices.

4. Honey Perfume Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Honey Perfume’

The Honey Perfume Rose originates from the United States and brings a calming smell to gardens. The pale yellow flowers with a little pink tint smell sweet like honey.

5. Daybreaker Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Daybreaker’

The Daybreaker Rose represents positive vibes and freshness. These Pink and Yellow Roses are native to the United Kingdom and have mild pink and yellow colors.

6. Coral Cove Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Coral Cove’

Native to the United Kingdom, the Coral Coast Rose represents the beauty of the coast with its coral-pink and pale yellow colors. It smells like a mix of mild tones of sweet and spicy.

7. Mango Magic Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Mango Magic’

Native to the United Kingdom, the Mango Magic Rose brings the joy of the tropics, with its mango-orange and soft pink colors. These Pink and Yellow Roses smell like juicy fruits.

8. Rainbow’s End Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rainbow’s End’

The Rainbow’s End Rose has yellow and pink petals that symbolize the happy end of a rainbow. This rose has a sweet fragrance.

9. Chihuly Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Chihuly’

Native to the United States, the Chihuly Rose, named after a glass artist, has pink and yellow petals like his colorful art. Its fragrance is a mix of fruits and honey.

10. Butterscotch Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Butterscotch’

The Butterscotch Rose stands for sweetness and fond memories, with its butterscotch-yellow and pink colors. It smells like mild caramel.

11. Orange Honey Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Orange Honey’

The Orange Honey Rose’s blend of pink and yellow hues mirrors the sweetness of honey, symbolizing nature’s comfort and delight in gardens.

12. Apricot Nectar Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Apricot Nectar’

Native to the United Kingdom, the Apricot Delight Rose is all about charm and joy, with its apricot-yellow and soft pink colors. It smells like sweet apricot.

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