42 Creative Logwood Decor Ideas for Home and Garden

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Elevate your home and garden with enchanting logwood decor with these Logwood Decor Ideas, bringing the allure of nature into your home.

Welcome to Logwood Decor Ideas, where rustic elegance meets natural allure. Explore our curated collection of captivating logwood-inspired decor designed to transform your living space into a cozy haven.

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Logwood Decor Ideas

1. Log Coasters

Logwood Decor Ideas 1

Slice logwood pieces and varnish them to create unique and rustic coasters for your table. Here’s the DIY to these amazing Logwood Decor Ideas.

2. Logwood Candle Holders

Hollow out logwood sections and insert candles for a natural and cozy ambiance. Follow this DIY to make these in an hour.

3. Logwood PlantersLogwood Decor Ideas 3

Carve out logwood chunks and fill them with soil to create charming planters for your indoor or outdoor succulents. DIY here.

4. DIY Log Bookends

Cut logwood pieces in half lengthwise and use them as decorative bookends to keep your books organized and add a rustic touch to your shelves. Check it out here.

5. Logwood Serving TrayLogwood Decor Ideas 5

Smooth out a logwood slab, and seal it with a food-safe finish to make a unique serving tray for snacks or drinks. Here is the complete tutorial on one of the best Logwood Decor Ideas.

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6. Key Hanger

Drill small holes in a logwood slice and add hooks to create a practical and charming key hanger for your entryway. The DIY is here.

7. Log Table LampLogwood Decor Ideas 7

Follow this quick and easy DIY to create a logwood table lamp and spruce up your reading space.

8. Coat Rack from Logs

Looking for easy Logwood Decor Ideas? Attach logwood branches to a wall and attach hooks for hanging coats, hats, and scarves, combining functionality with a rustic aesthetic. Check it out here.

9. Wall ShelfLogwood Decor Ideas 9

Want to create a rustic and graceful shelf in under 30 minutes? Here’s the DIY to one of the quickest Logwood Decor Ideas you can make.

10. Wall Hooks

Attach logwood to a wall, add a hook, and use them as hooks for hanging coats, bags, towels, or other items, bringing a touch of nature to your space. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

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11. Logwood Wall ClockLogwood Decor Ideas 11

Cut a logwood slice and attach a clock mechanism to create a unique and rustic wall clock that adds character to any room. Learn how to make it here.

12. Mirror Frame from Logwood

Want a natural and rustic wooden mirror frame? Follow this DIY that you can make easily over the weekend.

13. Logwood Wall SculptureLogwood Decor Ideas 13

Arrange various-sized logwood pieces in an artistic composition on a wall, creating a captivating and three-dimensional sculpture that showcases the natural beauty of wood. Here is the DIY.

14. DIY Log Slice Coffee Table

With a little bit of elbow grease and some logwood, you can make this amazing coffee table for your home. Check it out here.

15. Log Wine Rack

Fashion logwood pieces into a stylish wine rack, providing an organic and visually striking display for your favorite bottles of wine. Here’s how you can make one. This is definitely among the coolest Logwood Decor Ideas!

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16. Logwood Wall MosaicLogwood Decor Ideas 16

Arrange logwood slices in a mosaic pattern on a wall, creating a stunning and nature-inspired focal point that adds texture and warmth to any room. Here’s the complete video tutorial.

17. Fireplace Screen with Logs

This fireplace screen made with log wood will keep your fireplace looking beautiful in the summer when you don’t need to light a fire. Here is the DIY.

18. Log Lantern DIYLogwood Decor Ideas 18

Still looking for unique Logwood Decor Ideas? Carve and shape a logwood block into a captivating and abstract art lamp, showcasing the inherent beauty of this DIY.

19. Logwood Floating Shelves

Install logwood planks as floating shelves on your wall, allowing you to display decorative items or create a unique storage solution while showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. Tutorial here.

20. Terrarium with Log Base

Create a miniature terrarium, complete with moss, small plants, and tiny figurines, forming a whimsical and enchanting world with a logwood base with this DIY.

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21. Logwood Side Table

Logwood Decor Ideas 21
Processed with Rookie

Take a logwood piece or a stump and convert it into a stunning logwood side table. Here is how you can make one.

22. Bench from Logs

Construct a sturdy bench using logwood logs as the base and seat, combining functionality and rustic beauty to enhance your indoor or outdoor seating area. Here is the complete tutorial.

23. Log Slice Wine Rack

Repurpose a log slice by turning it into a cool and wonderful wine rack for the bar. Tutorial here.

24. Logwood Bird FeederLogwood Decor Ideas 24

Carve out a logwood section and create a bird feeder, attracting feathered friends to your yard while adding a charming and rustic element to your outdoor space. Here’s the how-to.

25. DIY Log Vase

Want some Logwood Decor Ideas for your flowers? Turn your logs into amazing vases that will catch everyone’s eye with this detailed DIY.

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26. Log Rocking Chair

This log rocking chair will turn any room into the perfect space to unwind. Check out the DIY here.

27. Wood Slice Wall ShelfLogwood Decor Ideas 27

With a bit of work, you too can create this stunning wood slice wall shelf to adorn the walls of your home. Here is the DIY.

28. DIY Cupcake Stand

Make the most of logwood and create this rustic and natural cupcake stand with this step-by-step guide to one of the most amazing Logwood Decor Ideas.

29. Logwood Wedding Décor

Want a woodland wedding with a natural touch? Follow this DIY to create amazing woodland wedding décor with logs.

30. Log Christmas WreathLogwood Decor Ideas 30

Turn your logs and pieces into a beautiful wreath this holiday season with this quick and easy DIY.

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31. Wood Log Flower Vase

Want your flowers to showcase their true beauty? You need to create this amazing wood log flower vase. Here’s the DIY.

32. Log Pencil Holder

Here’s another of Logwood Decor Ideas that your kids will absolutely love, a DIY log pencil and color holder. Check it out here.

33. Wood Log ArborLogwood Decor Ideas 33

Make good use of the strength of wooden logs and furnish your outdoor space with a tall arbor for your climbing plants. Tutorial here.

34. Log Stools

Want some sitting space on the front porch but don’t want furniture? Go with these small and pretty log stools.

35. Wood Slice Pathway

Have a lot of logwood? Slice it up into smaller pieces and use these to decorate your garden pathway. Here is the complete DIY.

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36. Log RailingLogwood Decor Ideas 36

Log railings are perfect for adding a natural touch to your indoor space. Follow this DIY and create one for your home.

37. Logwood Coffee Mug

A fan of coffee? You need to add this amazing logwood coffee mug to your collection. The tutorial is here.

38. Log Dining Chair

Want comfy dining chairs that add a natural touch to the dinner table? Here’s the DIY Logwood Decor Idea you’ve been searching for.

39. Log Fountain DIYLogwood Decor Ideas 39

Spruce up your outdoor space with this amazing tiered logwood water fountain that anyone can make. Check out the DIY here.

40. Log Bowls

Who knew that you could turn logwood into amazing bowls for your kitchen? Learn how to make them here.

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41. Log Staircase

Earning a place in the Logwood Decor Ideas list with its simplistic beauty is this log staircase. With a natural wooden feel and beautiful color, this log staircase can uplift any home. Here is the DIY.

42. Log Light

Logwood Decor Ideas 42

With a log slice and some epoxy, you can create this amazing pendant light for yourself. Here is the video tutorial.

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