20 Beautiful Hummingbirds In Georgia

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Explore the collection of Hummingbirds In Georgia – a captivating glimpse into these charming creatures that adorn our landscapes.

Ever wondered about the tiny, vibrant visitors that flit through Georgia’s gardens and woodlands? Look no further – explore with us the captivating world of Hummingbirds In Georgia!

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Hummingbirds In Georgia

1. Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 1

Scientific Name: Archilochus colubris

This is the only hummingbird species that breed in Georgia. The male sports a vibrant iridescent ruby-red throat. They migrate across the Gulf of Mexico in spring and fall. They prefer woodlands, gardens, and open areas with nectar-rich flowers.

2. Rufous Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Selasphorus rufus

These Hummingbirds in Georgia have a fiery orange plumage – this species is a western visitor to Georgia during migration. They undertake one of the longest migrations in the hummingbird world, traveling between the western US and their wintering sites in Mexico.

3. Black-chinned Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 3

Scientific Name: Archilochus alexandri

With an iridescent purple throat that appears black in certain lighting, this species is a rare visitor to Georgia. They prefer arid and open habitats, often found in the southwestern US and Mexico.

4. Anna’s Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Calypte anna

These Hummingbirds in Georgia display vibrant colors with iridescent green and red plumage. Some Anna’s Hummingbirds are non-migratory, while others may move in response to food availability and temperature changes.

5. Broad Tailed Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 5

Scientific Name: Selasphorus platycercus

Popular for their distinctive trilling sound during flight, these hummingbirds breed in western North America and migrate to Mexico for the winter. They inhabit mountainous regions with coniferous forests and meadows.

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6. Calliope Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Selasphorus calliope

The smallest bird in North America, these Hummingbirds in Georgia have a unique pinkish-red throat streaked with white. They breed in western North America and migrate to Mexico. They prefer open montane habitats.

7. Buff Bellied Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 7

Scientific Name: Amazilia yucatanensis

This species exhibits a striking combination of green and iridescent turquoise plumage with a buff-colored belly. They are found in the southern parts of Texas and occasionally in Georgia. They prefer brushy habitats near water.

8. Allen’s Hummingbird

Scientific Name: Selasphorus sasin

Similar to the Rufous Hummingbird, these Hummingbirds in Georgia are western migrants that occasionally visits Georgia. They have bright orange-red plumage and breed along the western coast of the US.

9. Broad Billed Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 9

Scientific Name: Cynanthus latirostris

Recognizable by their vibrant metallic blue-green throat and iridescent plumage, these hummingbirds are rare visitors to Georgia. They inhabit arid and subtropical habitats in the southwestern US and Mexico.

10. Lucifer Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Calothorax lucifer

This species features a glittering violet crown and is named after its fiery red throat. They are found in the southwestern US and Mexico. Despite their small size, these Hummingbirds in Georgia are quite popular for their aggressive behavior.

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11. White Eared Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 11

Scientific Name: Hylocharis leucotis

With a distinctive white patch behind the eye, this species breeds in the mountains of the southwestern US and Mexico. They inhabit pine-oak forests and are known for their high-pitched, insect-like calls.

12. Violet Crowned Hummingbird

Scientific Name: Amazilia violiceps

These Hummingbirds in Georgia have a beautiful violet crown and are found in the southwestern US and Mexico. They prefer arid and semi-arid habitats, often seen in desert scrublands and canyons.

13. Costa’s Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 13

Scientific Name: Calypte costae

Famous for their vibrant purple crown and throat, Costa’s Hummingbirds inhabit desert scrub and chaparral habitats in the southwestern US and Mexico. They are known for their elaborate courtship displays.

14. Berylline Hummingbird

Scientific Name: Amazilia beryllina

With iridescent green plumage and a distinct pale belly, these hummingbirds are found in Mexico and occasionally in southern Texas. They prefer forested areas and gardens with flowering plants.

15. Magnificent Hummingbird

Hummingbirds In Georgia 15

Scientific Name: Eugenes fulgens

These large Hummingbirds in Georgia have stunning iridescent plumage with shades of green, blue, and purple. They are found in mountainous regions of western North America and migrate to Mexico for the winter.

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16. Long Tailed Hermit

Scientific Name: Phaethornis superciliosus

This species has a distinctive long, curved bill and a long tail. They are found in tropical and subtropical forests of Central and South America. They are known for their solitary and elusive nature.

17. Green Breasted Mango

Hummingbirds In Georgia 17

Scientific Name: Anthracothorax prevostii

These Hummingbirds in Georgia have bright green plumage on their throat and upper breast. They inhabit tropical lowlands and foothills from southern Mexico to northern South America.

18. Long Billed Starthroat


Scientific Name: Heliomaster longirostris

Popular for their long, straight bill, these hummingbirds have iridescent green plumage and a distinctive white star-like pattern on their throat. They inhabit Central America and northern South America.

19. White Tailed Goldenthroat

Hummingbirds In Georgia 19

Scientific Name: Polytmus guainumbi

This species is named after its striking white tail feathers. These Hummingbirds in Georgia are found in tropical forests of South America, primarily in Brazil, and are known for their distinctive metallic calls.

20. Blue Tailed Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Amazilia cyanura

With a stunning blue tail and green plumage, these hummingbirds are found in Central America and northern South America. They inhabit a variety of habitats, including forest edges, gardens, and plantations.

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