6 Tips on How to Transport Large Houseplants

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Planning to move out but worried about your green buddies? We are at your rescue with some helpful tips on How to Transport Large Houseplants!

How to Transport Large Houseplants

Shifting to a new residence can be quite a task, and if you’re a plant parent, then it can be hectic! To rid you of your worries, we have some brilliant tips on How to Transport Large Houseplants in this article!

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How to Transport Large Houseplants

1. Pack them Properly

How to Transport Large Houseplants 1

Wrap large houseplants with news or craft papers. Poke a few holes to allow sufficient air circulation. Also, cover the growing medium properly with them to avoid accidental spillage.

Do not forget to bind the outgrown branches or leaves together to keep them from mishappening in transit.

2. Prune Out the Extending Stems

How to Transport Large Houseplants 02

Snip away dead flowers and leaves along with the diseased parts before setting on the journey. This will reduce the risk of pest infestation to other plants in your new home.

If you have a really big indoor plant like a fiddle leaf fig or an olive tree, then it would a good idea to trim away their extending stems and branches to transport them easily.

3. Store them Enroute Carefully

How to Transport Large Houseplants 03

Do not place large tubs on the front seat. Instead, store them in the back seat or the floorboard in the trunk. Use a support of pillows or blankets around the pots to keep them from tipping over.

4. Cushion the Boxes

How to Transport Large Houseplants 04
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Fill the plant boxes with bubble wraps or crumpled newspaper to keep the medium and the plant intact. If you’re carrying them inside the car, make sure to sheath the surface with a comforter, thick blankets, or a bunch of bedsheets to avoid any scratches or cracking of the pots.

5. Use Wheeled Plant Caddy

How to Transport Large Houseplants 05

Wheeled plant caddies will help you to transport large houseplants with ease. You can easily roll them down the slopes or long basements and shift to your new house.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure you are not putting the plant’s entire weight on its main stem, which can cause it to break. Gently roll it to its side after padding it with soft towels or blankets.
  • While moving, be careful to keep the plant safe from the transport wind. Make sure the windows are closed.
  • Ensure to take breaks and tend to your plant’s needs on long journeys. Make sure the leaves are not touching the windows. If you have kept them at the back seat, open the front windows of your car for air circulation.
  • If you are carrying a water-loving variety, mist the plant in regular intervals to prevent long sessions of dehydration.
  • Water the plants 2-3 days before the journey to keep them wet and light at the same time.
  • Collect cuttings of your favorite varieties to propagate later if the plants get damaged accidentally.
  • Shield the pots with a nylon strap to prevent cracks while handling.
  • If you are not sure about how to transport the plants, then you can always take help of professional plant transporters.                                                                                                    Check out the Interior Décor Ideas with Colorful Houseplants here

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