29 Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas

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These Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas can add colors to any space and room! Use them to jazz up your home!

These radiant, easy-to-care-for succulents offer a burst of color, making them the perfect centerpiece for any indoor or outdoor setting. Our handpicked Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas will inspire you to breathe new life into your home and garden!

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Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas

1. Small Old Pots

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 1

A couple of small old pots can bring character and a unique look to beautiful flowering Kalanchoes.

2. Bourbon Glasses

Look how beautifully these Kalanchoes sit in tinted bourbon glasses. You can pick any wide glass and try this display idea.

3. Floral Pots

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 3

The beauty of floral pots is truly unique. You can pick any color and even match these with the furniture.

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4. Terra Cotta Pots on Stand

The simplicity of terra cotta pots never goes out of style. For displaying Kalanchoe, you can go with these pots and arrange different varieties on a plant stand.

5. Kalanchoe Vertical Garden

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 5

This upcycled bucket is the perfect pot for flowering Kalanchoes. Take any old bucket or toolbox and repurpose it into a container garden for your flowers.

6. Fall Decor

The dark color of the planters complements the vibrant red Kalanchoe flowers perfectly. You can also go for shades of brown and blue. Throw in some pumpkins for the fall!

7. Bronze Painted Planter

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 7

With a bronze tint, these planters are perfect for bringing a new shade to the garden. Just paint any regular pot with a unique color, and you’ll have the best centerpiece.

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8. Gracing a Large Container!

Pick any old pot in your garden and place it on a stool stand indoors. We guarantee this flowering Kalanchoe display will turn heads.

9. Upcycled Bucket with Ribbons

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 9

Sometimes, giving a makeover to a metal bucket with a paint job, ribbons, or decorative tape can create the best display ideas.

10. Pouch Planter Display

These small pouches can be hung on walls, stings, stands, and bars. And you can stick these up at home or find them in stores easily.

11. Tabletop Cement Planter Set

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 11

Gray planters can help you spruce up the space if you have a plain table. With the help of Kalanchoe flowers, of course!

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12. Kalanchoes Lining the Pathway

Flowering Kalanchoes make a beautiful display when lining the garden pathway. You can make it colorful by planting different colored varieties.

13. Plastic Pots and Metal Stand

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 13

Plastic pots are cheap and come in beautiful colors, so you can easily create or change a theme. Try to add a metal stand with different pot sizes for heights.

14. Indoor Flower Kalanchoe Garden

Pick simple pots and create an indoor flowering Kalanchoe display by filling these up with different varieties. It’ll be a colorful corner in your home.

15. Hanging Bucket Planters

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 15

A unique space-saving display idea is going with hanging buckets. These metal planters are sturdy. You can go with a simple white or pick a flashy color.

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16. Pot Pair in the Bathroom

Do you wish your bathroom would stop looking bland and tasteless? A pair of small flowering kalanchoe pots can add beauty and charm.

17. Glass Jar Display

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 19

This is a calming and unique idea to display flowering Kalanchoes. All you need is a transparent jar and water.

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18. Metal Wire Stands

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 21

All you need is some old wire for a stunning display idea. With some twists and turns, these can be beautiful stands for small pots for Kalanchoes.

19. Quirky Planters

Pick any colors, patterns, or designs. Just make it quirky, so no one can resist looking at your flowering Kalanchoes.

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20. Weaving Basket Idea

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 24

Weaving baskets are wonderful planters for Kalanchoe flowers. You can pick any size you like and put them on tabletops, the floor, or even hang them.

21. Upcycled Purse Planter

Have an old purse or bag in a vibrant shade that you don’t use much? Put in some soil and turn it into a Kalanchoe flower pouch.

22. Planter from a Stump

Kalanchoe 23

Cut a tree stump and clear it out from the inside. It’ll make the perfect Kalanchoe display idea.

23. Boots Full of Kalanchoes

Flowering Kalanchoe Display Ideas 27

Did you know you could plant flowering Kalanchoes in high boots? Well, now you do!

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24. Kalanchoes on Shelves

Kalanchoe 25

The best place to adorn your home with flowering Kalanchoes is by placing different pots full of these on the shelves.

25. In a Painted Planter

You don’t need anything fancy. Just grab an old planter and some paint, and create your masterpiece to showcase Kalanchoes.

26. Planter in a Tray

Kalanchoe 27

Plant your flowering Kalanchoe in a simple planter and keep it in a large tray for a tabletop display.

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27. Wicker Basket


This wicker basket is an amazing idea for different flowering Kalanchoes and gives a natural vibe. You can keep it on the table or hang it.

28. Upcycled Kettle for Flowering Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe 29

Take an old kettle and use it to create this out-of-the-box flowering Kalanchoe display. You can also put it in a tray filled with bark and pine cones for added beauty.

29. Small Kalanchoe in Ash Tray

Kalanchoe 31

You can also turn an ashtray into a subtle display to let your flowering Kalanchoe shine wherever you keep it.

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