Flower Named After Greek Rainbow Goddess

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Do you know about the Flower Named After Greek Rainbow Goddess? Well, it is quite a stunning one, and we’re going to talk about it!

Flower Named After Greek Rainbow Goddess

Iris is the Flower Named After Greek Rainbow Goddess. This bloom, an amalgamation of color and elegance, mirrors the ethereal beauty of its namesake.

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Iris – The Meaning and History

Iris was a messenger goddess in Greek mythology – a link between gods and humans. Her association with rainbows is seen as a bridge between the skies and the earth, with deep ties to the gardening world.

Gardens, in many ways, blend beauty and earthly care, much like the realm Iris traversed.

Iris: The Quintessential Flower


These flowers are popular for their vibrant colors and shapes. Their different types embody a unique aspect of Iris’s mythological attributes:

  • Bearded Iris (Iris germanica): Common in temperate gardens – it symbolizes Iris’s grace and message-bearing role.
  • Japanese Iris (Iris ensata):  Has large flowers – it represents the ethereal aspects of the goddess.
  • Dutch Iris (Iris x hollandica): A popular choice for cut flowers, its sleek and upright form depicts Iris’s swift journey between worlds.

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Crocus: A Color Connection

While not directly named after Iris, Crocus has solid mythological ties. In some tales, Crocus was a mortal who transformed into a flower due to a tragic love story.

This transformation and the rainbow-like array of Crocus colors subtly nod to Iris’s role as a messenger of the gods and her connection to the natural world.

Iris in the Gardens

Flower Named After Greek Rainbow Goddess 2

For gardeners, growing these flowers into their landscapes is more than just planting; it’s about creating a space that reflects the myths of Iris.

Arranging these flowers to mimic the flow and color spectrum of a rainbow can create a garden that is not only visually stunning but also rich in mythological significance.

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The influence of Iris, the Greek Rainbow Goddess, in gardening is literal and symbolic. The majestic Iris flowers capture her essence in various floral forms, each telling a part of her mythological story. Planting them is a way to connect with ancient myths, bringing divine beauty to gardens and homes.

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