Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds? Find Out!

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Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds? Will it help the plant to grow better with large leaves? Let’s find out! 

Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds

As a natural, organic matter, coffee grounds have been touted for their potential benefits for various plants, but does this extend to the needs of a plant with big leaves? Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds? Time to find out!

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Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds?

Do Monsteras like coffee grounds? The short answer is yes, but like a good espresso, there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Why Coffee Grounds for Monsteras?

Coffee grounds are a rich nitrogen source, an essential nutrient supporting plant leafy growth. They also improve soil structure and drainage, making them a great addition to your Monstera’s potting mix.

It’s like giving your plant a caffeine boost, but in a way, it can be used by the plant to grow bigger leaves!

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How to Use Coffee Grounds on Monsteras?

Do Monsteras Like Coffee Grounds 2

Sprinkle a thin layer of coffee grounds (1-2 tablespoons per pot, once in 1-2 months) on top of the soil. Make sure to water post it – This will help it to seep into the growing medium properly.

Don’t overdo it – too much can lead to soil acidity changes. You’re on the right track if the leaves seem happier than a coffee lover on a Monday morning 😉

Best Practices:

  • Rinse: If you’re applying them directly, rinsing them first can reduce acidity.
  • Balance is Key: Combine coffee grounds with organic matter like leaf mold or compost. It’s like blending a robust coffee with a milder blend to achieve the perfect flavor.

When to Apply:

  • The best time is during the growing season, spring through summer. It’s when your Monstera is most likely to crave that extra boost.
  • Avoid using coffee grounds in winter, as this is typically the Monsteras’ rest period.

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1. Is It Safe to Use Coffee Grounds for Monstera Plants?

Indeed, coffee grounds can serve as a fertilizer for Monstera plants. They are especially rich in nitrogen, an essential nutrient for Monsteras. However, it’s crucial to apply them correctly to avoid harm.

2. What Are The Types of Coffee Grounds to Use?

All coffee grounds can benefit your Monstera, but used grounds are preferable as they are less acidic. Fresh grounds should be avoided as they can alter soil pH too drastically.

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