DIY Succulent Sphere | How to Make a Succulent Ball

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Level up your gardening game with a stunning DIY Succulent Sphere with our “How to Make a Succulent Ball” guide!

DIY Succulent Sphere

Elevate your green thumb with a captivating DIY Succulent Sphere. Unleash your creativity and craft a mesmerizing succulent ball that will be the envy of all garden enthusiasts. Discover the art of transforming succulents into living works of art!

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Materials Required for Succulent Ball

Before starting with this DIY Succulent Sphere, make sure you have all the necessary materials for the succulent ball. 

  1. Garden Shears
  2. Screwdrivers
  3. Awl
  4. 4 Pieces of Thin Tubing
  5. Floral Pins
  6. Assorted Succulents
  7. Moss Sphere

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How to Make a Succulent Ball

1. Remove Dirt

DIY Succulent Sphere 1

Before you begin creating your succulent ball, it’s important to start with clean cuttings. Take each variety of succulents you have and gently remove the dirt from their roots. This step ensures that you’ll be working with clean and healthy cuttings, giving your succulent ball the best chance to thrive.

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2. Cut Ends

Once the dirt has been removed from your succulents, it’s time to trim the ends of the plants to get them ready for the succulent sphere. Using a pair of garden shears, carefully cut off a small portion from the bottom of each cutting. This helps remove any damaged or unhealthy parts, ensuring that you’re working with strong and viable cuttings. Remember to wipe the excess dirt off the shears between each cut to keep the cuttings clean and prevent any potential contamination.

3.  Leave for 2 Days

DIY Succulent Sphere 3

The next step for the DIY succulent sphere is leaving the cuttings. After you’ve prepared your succulent cuttings, it’s beneficial to give them some time to develop a callus. Place the cuttings in a tray or on a clean surface and let them sit for about two days. During this period, a callus will form on the cut ends of the plants. This callus acts as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of rot or infection when the cuttings are planted in the succulent ball.

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4. Dunk Moss Sphere in Water

Now it’s time to prepare the base for your succulent ball. Take the moss sphere and submerge it in water. The moss sphere is designed to hold soil, providing a perfect environment for your succulents to grow. By moistening the sphere, you ensure that the soil inside remains hydrated, promoting healthy growth and vibrant succulents.

5. Allow to Dry

DIY Succulent Sphere 5

After soaking the moss sphere, allow it to dry slightly before proceeding. Hang the moss ball in a well-ventilated area or set it on a clean surface. This step ensures that the sphere is not overly wet when you insert the succulent cuttings, preventing excess moisture and potential root rot on your DIY Succulent Sphere.

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6. Tubing

To maintain optimal moisture levels in your succulent ball, it’s helpful to insert a plastic tube inside the sphere. The tube acts as a water regulator, allowing you to control the amount of water that reaches the soil inside the ball. Prior to inserting the tube, create several small holes in it using an awl. These holes facilitate the flow of water and prevent any blockages.

7. Insert the Tube into the Sphere

DIY Succulent Sphere 7

Once you’ve prepared the plastic tube, carefully insert it into the moss sphere. Ensure that it is secure and positioned in a way that will evenly distribute water throughout the sphere.

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8. Make Holes

Next, create small holes in the moss ball where you’ll insert the succulent cuttings. These holes provide the perfect spot for your cuttings to take root and establish themselves within the succulent ball. Space the holes evenly around the sphere, giving each succulent cutting enough room to grow and thrive.

9. Use Pins

DIY Succulent Sphere 9

If you find that some of your succulent cuttings are slightly loose in the moss ball, you can use floral pins to secure them in place until they root. Gently insert the pins into the DIY Succulent Sphere and attach them to the base of the cuttings, providing stability while the roots develop.

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10. Watering

Congratulations! Your homemade DIY succulent sphere is now ready to be displayed. Hang it on your front porch, balcony, or even indoors to add a touch of natural beauty to your space. Remember to water your succulent ball regularly, ensuring that the soil remains moist but not overly saturated. Monitor the water levels through the plastic tube and adjust them as needed to keep your succulents happy and thriving.

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