20 Charming DIY Hanging Air Plant Holders You Can Make Quickly & Cheaply

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Learn how to make DIY Hanging Air Plant Holders at minimal cost and in no time to enhance your air plant display!

Don’t know how to make how to make air plant holders? These simple and creative holders allow you to showcase your air plants in a unique and stylish way.

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DIY Hanging Air Plant Holders

1. Geometric Planters

Use thin brass tubes to recreate these geometric air plant holders, which are perfect for displaying hanging air plants! Watch and understand the instructions here.

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2. Creative Air Plant Holders DIY

Searching for wooden air plant holders? Unveil your favorite air plants in your home against the backdrop of natural wood slices using a copper-colored ring. Follow the DIY post at BHG.

3. Simple Air Plant Hanger

Like to keep things simple but want unique air plant holders? This nylon cord air plant hanger with saucer is super easy to make. Here is the tutorial.

4. Air Plant Ornaments

Embellish a usual air plant hanger with ornaments and hang it at your favorite spot in the home. Watch the tutorial here.

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5. DIY Air Planter

Create a decorative topsy-turvy air planter to give your home a sense of style! Also, if you like, combine many such planters to create an amazing air planter chandelier.

6. Air Plant Hangers

Attach suede lace to a dowel and secure the air planter to it using a wire. So simple! To complete this DIY air plant holder project, click here.

7. Pocket Air Planter Holders

Recycle leather scraps from your old winter jackets to make these tiny pocket plant holders. You can hang these pockets almost everywhere! Visit the Prudent Gardener for the tutorial.

8. DIY Air Plant Stand

Combine wooden block cube and floral wire to create a visual palm tree-like air plant stand! Visit Homedit for the steps to this cheap air plant holders DIY.

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9. Airplant Pod

Looking for unique and cheap holders for air plants? Instead of buying an air plant pod, take the advice of Caitlin from the MERRYTHOUGHT and make one at home using paper mache.

10. Air Plant Display

Repurpose an old frame to display your favorite air plants. Just add chicken wire for the backing and use paper clips as plant hangers. Check out the details here.

11. Romantic Display

Copy this soft air plant heart display idea in your bedroom to make it more lively and romantic! Instructions are available at The Shelterness.

12. Hanging Air Plants

Fill your bathroom wall (or wherever you like) with these air plants and a hanger to hold them. Click here for the detailed article.

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13. Clay Hangers

Air Plant Holders 13

Use terracotta air-dry polymer clay to design this vertical air plant holder. Find the DIY post here.

14. Birch HangerAir Plant Holders 14

Follow this quick and easy DIY Air Plant Birch Hanger that will have everyone turning their heads to admire its beauty.

15. Air Plant Hanging Planter

Who knew the combination of jute rope and clay would be the recipe for one of the most beautiful hanging air plant ideas? Here is the DIY.

16. Brass Pipe Holders for Air PlantsAir Plant Holders 16

With brass pipes and modern designs, this one is definitely one of the best ideas on our list. Check it out here.

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17. Wood and Leather

Need wooden air plant holders? This DIY Wood and Leather Air Plant holder is a stunning piece of art that will spruce up any part of your home. Learn how to make these unique air plant holders here.

18. Macrame Air Plant HolderAir Plant Holders 18

Want an air plant holder idea that you can make over the weekend? Go with this quick video tutorial for a macrame air plant hanger.

19. Magnetic Holders for Air Plants

Who wouldn’t want this amazing magnetic holder for air plants that you can easily make with thrift store finds? Check out the DIY here for these cool air plant holders.

20. Air Plant in TerrariumAir Plant Holders 20

Nothing beats the beauty of hanging glass air plant holders, especially when they’re full of air plants. Don’t believe us? Try it here and see!

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