24 Chicken Dust Bath Ideas for Homesteaders

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Here are easy, peasy Chicken Dust Bath Ideas for Homesteaders! No fancy stuff, just simple and awesome projects that your chickens will love.

We’ve got the scoop on Chicken Dust Bath Ideas for Homesteaders that’ll make your feathered friends flap joyfully! What are you waiting for? Scroll for easy and simple ideas.

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Why Do Chickens Need a Dust Bath? 

Chickens don’t bathe like other animals or humans. With so many feathers on the skin, it would take a lot of time for them to dry off naturally, risking their survival. Here is why dirt baths are perfect for chickens and why they do it. 

1. To Prevent Parasites

Dirt can dry out and smother tiny bugs that hide in a chicken’s feathers.

2. Keeps the Skin Healthy

Dust baths remove dead skin cells, keeping them healthy. Dust is like a spa treatment for chickens.

3. Helps to Cool Off

Like hogs in mud, dust keeps chickens cool. They find a cool layer as they dig down.

4. Controlling Oils

Chickens have oil glands that make their feathers clean and a bit water-resistant. Dust baths help absorb extra oils.

Chicken Dust Bath Ideas for Homesteaders

1. Tires

Chicken Dust Bath 1

Grab old tires for a quick dust bath. Just make sure they’re not too deep, or it’ll be hard for your chickens to dig in.

2. Wheelbarrow

You can also turn an old wheelbarrow into a portable dust bath. Chickens love using the handles as a perch.

3. Galvanized Tub

Chicken Dust Bath 3

A tub of the same size as a tire works great. But remember, if it’s outside, it might rust over time.

4. Plastic Tub


Even a cracked plastic storage tub can become a spacious dust bath for chickens. Place it on a tarp to avoid rotting.

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5. Wood Crate

Chicken Dust Bath 5

You can build or buy a wood crate and put it on a piece of plastic. This way, it won’t rot quickly.

6. Outdoor Brooder


Make a combo structure for an outdoor brooder and a massive dust bath. Two birds with one stone!

7. Plastic Bucket

Turn a bucket sideways for chicks or chickens. Round ones need a little sinking into the ground to stay put.

8. Pie Pan


Pie pans are perfect for baby chicks. Expect them to get a bit messy, though.

9. Tree Stumps or Log Pieces

Chicken Dust Bath 9

Arrange them in a circle, pour in the mix, and you’ve got a free dust bath.

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10. Chicken Dust Bath with Bricks

You can also go with a bottomless box with bricks for a sturdy bath that won’t rust.

11. Drawer

Chicken Dust Bath 11

Take out the drawers from old dressers, fill them up with dirt, and voila! You’ll have the best chicken bath in town.

12. Half Barrel

Cut a plastic barrel in half, screw it to some logs, and you’ve got a nearly free chicken dust bath. Make sure you drill some holes for drainage.

13. Metal Ring

Chicken Dust Bath 13

Find an old metal fire ring or bend scrap metal into any shape you like. This is perfect for a chicken coop run.

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14. Baby Pool


Turn a plastic baby pool into a chicken dust bath by drilling some drainage holes. Easy and affordable.

15. Sand Box

Chicken Dust Bath 15

If your kids outgrow their sandbox, repurpose it for your chickens. Multiple hens can enjoy it at the same time.

16. Paving Stones

Lay flat stones in a desired shape for a durable dust bath. This one is perfect for big flocks or large bird breeds.

17. Compost Pile

Chicken Dust Bath 17

Let your chickens turn the dirt for you by making a compost pile in their run. They’ll enjoy the worms and bugs.

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18. Clean Motor Oil Pan

You can also use a shallow plastic pan for chicks or small breeds. It’s thick and durable, lasting for many years.

19. Cat Litter Box

Chicken Dust Bath 19

Remove the top of a cat litter box for an open-air dust bath. Or keep it on to protect it from the weather.

20. Plastic Dog Box

Similar to the litter box, the base of a plastic dog box is weather-resistant and can be used open or with the top on.

21. Bed Pan to Make Chicken Dust Bath

Chicken Dust Bath 21

This small plastic container is just right for a single hen. Drill some drainage holes to keep it dry.

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22. Rubber Livestock Tub


These come in various sizes and are durable. Drill holes without worrying about tearing.

23. Raised Garden Bed

Chicken Dust Bath 23

Fill it with dirt and sand for a luxurious, raised dust bath. Chickens will enjoy the elevated view as they keep clean and happy.

24. Rain Barrel

You can also turn a rain barrel into a giant chicken dust bath for your homestead. Follow this DIY.

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How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath

Making a Chicken Dust Bath is super easy! Follow these steps. 

  • Pick a Spot: Choose a good place for your dust bath and surround it with rocks or logs.
  • Get a Container: Use a box or something from the ideas above for your dust bath.
  • Fill with Dirt: Put lots of loose, dry dirt in the box. Make a nice and thick layer.
  • Add Extras (Optional): If you want, toss in some natural stuff like herbs.
  • Make it Appealing: Put the dust bath where your chickens like it. If it’s big and comfy, they’ll use it.

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Chicken Dust Bath Ingredients That Your Chickens Will Love

  • Lime (not garden lime): Helps with coop smell and kills pests. Choose a safe brand like First Saturday Lime.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE): Kills bugs and parasites but can be dusty. You should use only a little.
  • Peat Moss: Keeps the dirt light and airy. It works best with clay-based soils and dirt.
  • Herbs: Herbs repel pests and make your chickens feel relaxed. You should go with good ones like catnip, borage, cinnamon, ginger, lavender, mint, nasturtium, sage, thyme, and yarrow.
  • Wood Ash or Charcoal: Wood ash or charcoal is extremely nice when it comes to controlling bugs. However, you should only use clean wood ash from untreated wood.


There you have it, homesteaders! Easy, fun Chicken Dust Bath Ideas to keep your feathered pals happy and healthy. Grab a tub, some dirt, and let your chickens enjoy their spa day. Happy clucking!

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