11 Most Beautiful Black Tulip Varieties

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Black Tulip Varieties stand out with their dark hue and can be a fantastic addition to nay garden! Here are the best ones you can grow!

 Black Tulip Varieties – the dark gems that have captivated horticulturalists and flower enthusiasts alike. These enigmatic blooms defy the conventional pastel palette of spring, offering a dramatic flair that’s akin to finding a black diamond in a sea of colorful gems. If you’re yearning to add an element of surprise and sophistication to your garden or floral arrangements, look no further!

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Black Tulips Information

Black Tulips, known for their mystique and allure, bring drama to gardens and floral arrangements.

The so-called “black tulips” are actually deep purple or maroon in color, creating an optical illusion of being black. Originating from mutations and selective breeding of common tulips, these unique blooms are a more recent addition to the tulip family. The fascination for darker tulips gained prominence mostly in the 19th and 20th centuries, and since then, horticulturists have been working to create tulips that are as dark as possible.

Black tulips provide a striking contrast to the traditionally bright colors we associate with spring flowers. They are often a deep maroon, eggplant, or almost chocolate in color. When viewed from a distance or in low light, they can appear almost truly black.

Most black tulip varieties have the classic tulip shape: a single, cup-like bloom on a tall, slender stem. Some, however, offer unique features like fringed edges or double petals, adding another layer of interest to these already captivating blooms.

When it comes to size, black tulips generally measure about 2 to 4 inches in diameter and can reach heights of 12 to 24 inches, depending on the variety. They often stand out dramatically when paired with lighter colors, making them excellent choices for high-contrast floral designs or as stunning focal points in the garden.

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Best Black Tulip Varieties

1. Queen of Night Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

Native to the Netherlands, these Black Tulip Varieties are a symbol of elegance. Their deep black petals and tall stems thrive in well-drained, sunny spots, adding sophistication to gardens and floral arrangements.

2. Paul Scherer Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Paul Scherer’

Hailing from the Netherlands, the Paul Scherer Tulip boasts a captivating maroon-black hue that adds an air of intrigue to the garden. Symbolizing depth and complexity, it is a perfect choice for conveying emotions through floral displays.

3. Black Parrot Tulip


Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’

These Black Tulip Varieties exhibit petals with fringes that set it apart. It symbolizes mystery and uniqueness, making it a favorite for those who appreciate the unconventional.

4. Black Hero Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Hero’

With its glossy ebony petals, the Black Hero Tulip, originating from the Netherlands, demands attention. Thriving in sunny, well-drained locations, it adds a luxurious touch to gardens and symbolizes strength and resilience, making it perfect for bold aesthetics.

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5. Black Jack Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Jack’

These Black Tulip Varieties are popular for their inky darkness. Flourishing in well-drained soil, they create dramatic garden contrast and symbolize risk and boldness, ideal for statement-making floral arrangements.

6. Black Jewel Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Jewel’

Its velvety, dark presence and striking black petals symbolize mystery and allure, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate enigmatic beauty.

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7. Black Swan Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Swan’

These Black Tulip Varieties mirror the elegance of a black swan’s feathers. Flourishing in sunny spots, it symbolizes elegance and transformation, a poetic choice for gardens and bouquets narrating tales of beauty and metamorphosis.

8. Absalon Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Absalon’

This variety exhibits shades of dark brown and black. Symbolizing strength and resilience, it imparts a sense of grounded endurance to gardens, perfect for those valuing the balance between boldness and stability.

9. Black Tie Affair Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘Black Tie Affair’

The Black Tie Affair Tulip stuns with its black and white contrast, making a bold statement in gardens. Symbolizing the harmony of opposites and sophistication, it embodies stylish contrast and elegance.

10. Black Diamond Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa gesneriana ‘Black Diamond’

These Black Tulip Varieties showcase deep black petals with a subtle shimmer, akin to a precious gem’s sparkle. They’re a perfect choice to infuse gardens and floral arrangements with a touch of luxury.

11. Obsidian Night Tulip

Scientific Name: Tulipa ‘gesneriana’

From the United States, the Obsidian Night Tulip stands out with its deep, glossy black petals that exude an otherworldly sheen. Iit’s an excellent choice for those who value native flora’s unique and captivating allure.

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