Raul Cornelius

Raul Cornelius is a seasoned flower grower and Senior Editor at BalconyGardenWeb.com. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Raul is an expert in cultivating a wide variety of flowers and herbs. His prowess isn’t just limited to the garden; he’s also an accomplished writer and a captivating public speaker.


  • Senior Editor at BalconyGardenWeb
  • Expert flower and herb grower
  • Frequent presenter at flower and garden shows
  • Active contributor to Facebook flower groups
  • MBA and BCom graduate
  • Avid writer and photographer


Raul has gained widespread recognition for his flower and herb growing expertise, and he’s a regular speaker at various flower & garden shows, nurseries, and horticultural organizations. As the Senior Editor at BalconyGardenWeb, Raul is responsible for guiding the content strategy and ensuring the quality of the articles published.

A Word From Raul Cornelius

“Formerly a dreamer; Now, a dreamer and a doer! I’m an ambivert man with subtlety and patience. My lungs are thick with smoke of words, and across the simple meadows of my heart, beats a passion for writing. My love for growing flowers is boundless.”

Personal Life

Raul loves starting his days early with a cup of coffee and his cherished books. When not immersed in work or gardening, he enjoys bike rides in nature, photography, and of course, more coffee.


Raul holds a Master’s in Business, equipping him with the skills needed to excel in both leadership and analytical tasks.


  • Flower and Herb Cultivation
  • Public Speaking at Horticultural Events
  • Content Strategy and Editing
  • Creative Writing and Photography