Most Fragrant Flowers According to Gardeners

Find out which are most fragrant flowers in this article.

We love pleasant odors and flowers are the liveliest source of them. So, what are the most fragrant flowers?

On this, we did a small survey asking 3000+ gardeners of more than 20 countries on major social media platforms and noted their opinions. They voted for most fragrant flowers according to them and we short-listed 23 best and arranged them all rank wise here.

23. Scented Primrose

Primrose Flower

Grows widely in Europe, primrose comes in colorful flowers with beautiful foliage and emanates mild fruity aroma. They herald the arrival of spring especially in the evening time, when the breeze sweeps through them. It’s an easy to maintain plant. Good for container gardens

22. Plumeria

Plumeria frangipani Sale

Also called Frangipani, plumeria is a subtropical or tropical flower related to oleander. Its flowers are softly fragrant in daytime and intensifies in night. Its other names are yasmin & champa.

21. Sweet autumn clematis

Prune Clematis vitalba

In the late summer to autumn, its perfumed white flowers blooms in clusters and give it a silvery appearance. Heavenly fragrance oozes out from them like talcum powder and spread a soft coolness all around.

20. Ylang-Ylang (Cananga Odorata)

Ylang Uses

Pronounced as (eelang-eelang) it is native to rainforests of Asia and Australia, perfect for Zone 10-11. It is also called perfume tree, blooms profusely year round, pouring exotic fragrance to the far long distances. If you are living in a tropical region, grow this.

19. Nicotiana

nicotiana in Nursery

We call it Tobacco flower, nicotiana is native to North and South America. Its small tubular flowers opens in noon and ooze out lily like odor intensely in the dusk.

18. Lily of the Valley

Lily Of The Valley flower

Lily of the valley grows in USDA Zones 2-9 and blooms in spring. It has cute bell like white or pale, pink flowers that spread their fragrance in whole area. It prefers moist soil. It is a low growing plant so good for ground cover.

17. Viburnum

blue Viburnum tree

Beautiful foliage and perfume, viburnums are excellent fragrant flowers, especially their ‘Korean spice’ variety that blooms in cluster of white fluffy flowers in spring and summer.

16. Tuberose

tube rose flower

Rajnigandha is their local name in India, its seductive odor captures the warmness of mid-summer. Its tube like flowers bloom in tropical spring & summer. It can also be grown as annual in colder parts.

15. Osmanthus fragrans

Osmanthus fragrans

Native to China, Japan & Cambodia, orange osmanthus flowers carry an apricot like odor. It’s also called Kinmokusei, grown popularly in patios and yards and sidewalks in Japan. This exotic small tree is suggested by some Japanese gardeners.

14. Mock Orange

philadelphus coronarius mock orange

It’s a cold weather plant suitable in USDA Zone 4-7. Blooms in summer, mock orange flowers emanate a pleasant orange like odor that is refreshing like mint, those who have it in their garden knows how elegant its fragrance is.

13. Lilac

Lilac Flowers

Blooms in spring and summer in Europe & America, lilacs are good cut flowers, with their arousing perfume that churns the memories they are in our list. You can also grow this in containers as many hybrid varieties are now available.

12. Brugmansia

Datura brugmansia

Gardeners often intermixes it with Datura but both are different species. Brugmansia is also called Angel’s trumpet for its trumpet like creamy-orange flowers that erupts a patch of erotic aroma on the onset of dusk. It’s hardy in zone 9-12 and need dry & hot climate, but can be planted in colder regions with some care.

11. Daphne

Daphne Al

With its alluring fragrance this flower is a favorite of perfume industry. Also called as ‘jinchoge’ in Japanese, it is native to Korea and Japan. Not many gardeners grow Daphne because the care it needs. It’s a winter plant, loves coolness. It blooms for a short time of February and March.

10. Night scented stocks

Matthiola evening scented stock

A plant that engenders memories through its scent. Stocks with its intoxicating perfume like lily are the best choice in fragrant gardens of cold climate. Its mild fragrance blends lightly in surroundings in the evening. Stocks can be grown in summers in colder regions and in winters, in tropics.

9. Michelia Champaca

magnolia tree

It belongs to Magnolia family, its beautiful cream colored flowers mix of deep grape and banana like fragrance, sweet that much that when you inhale it; it cools down your breath. It’s native to Himalayan ranges of South-East Asia, blooms year round in tropical and subtropical climate. It can tolerate minimum temperature up to 30F.
*World’s most expensive perfumes are made from it.

8. Sampaguita or Jasminum Sambac

flower delivery

It is the national flower of Philippines, also called as Arabian Jasmine & mogra. It is native to South-East Asia, blooms in hot summer. Its strong fragrance is different than jasmine, like vanilla. Sweet most in all the flowers, if you live in tropics, it’s a must grow.
*Many hybrids are available for colder regions.

7. Stargazer Lily

stargazers flower

Grows in partial shade, it looks like gazing at stars in night. All lilies are aromatic but this hybrid variety is most fragrant in all. Its sensual and slightly spicy scent is addictive to fall in love with.

6. Honeysuckle

honeysuckle flowers Lonicera Japonica

It comes in many varieties that thrive everywhere, a very popular flower among those who love fragrant plants. Honeysuckle vine can reach a good height (upto 40 feet), loves warm environment. Its cluster of tiny flowers erupts inviting fruity smell like vanilla & honey that always be noticed.

5. Rose

rose delivery

No such lists are possible without fragrant roses. Loveliest of all the flowers and popular, everyone who loves scent, should grow them.

4. Freesia


Native to South Africa, many European gardeners voted for freesias. Because of their charming & fruity scent— a fragrance like altar wine, innocent & pleasing for senses. *Choose freesias in white or yellow color (most fragrant).

3. Hyacinth

hyacinth flower

Cluster of flowers in colors of red, white, blue and more, hyacinths are appeasing for eyes and their fragrance resembles a combination of strawberry and honeysuckle soothing for nostrils. They prefer cold climate and tough to grow in tropics.

2. Jasmine

Alladin jasmine

Whether it’s a night blooming jasmine or queen of the night or poet’s jasmine or any other variety, it’s true that Jasmines are the most fragrant flowers in the world. Overpowering perfume that so many people dislike them, its fragrance can be smelt from far beyond it. *Jasmine’s fragrance oil used in aromatherapy.

1. Gardenia

white gardenia flower

Our winner, almost 30% gardeners voted for Gardenia. There are three reasons for it:

  1. It grows everywhere, in cold or in tropics.
  2. Its big milky white flowers like flap of petals in roses looks so beautiful and their magical odor, which is not as overpowering as jasmine.
  3. Its fragrance that blends in its surroundings like a part of it.

*Gardenia becomes most powerful during the rain, when wet wind blows through its creamy flowers and comes out with a lustful scent.


  1. only thing i can say is you never drove or walked by honeysuckle blooming it would be one on list you can smell it a mile away ~!and magnolia i know it’s a tree,but it would have to be one or two,this tree in proper bloom is awesome.

  2. The photo for #3 is that of Muscari. I expect most respondents were voting for Hyacinthus when they said ‘Hyacinths’ — you have to get down really close to experience the fragrance of Grape Hyacinths.

  3. Thank you for comment Jean. Smart gesture though both the ‘Muscari’ and ‘Hyacinthus’ are from Asparagaceae family, it’s true that image here is of grape hyacinth but we mean hyacinthus.

  4. Sampagita (National Flower of the Philippine Islands), Star Jasmine ( found in California, USA), Myer Lemon tree- it’s flowers are fragrant (USA).

  5. The night scented cestrum is a hardy shrub with masses of green small flowers which have an overpowering incense-like fragrance at night.

    • I totally agree. It is my very favourite – the night scented cestrum. It always has been, and always will be, my number one shrub; it has a fragrance which, when flowering, seeps through your home after dark, all through the night, but is gone by daylight. It is overlooked as the flower close during the day, and is totally insignificant. I feel it has been overlooked as ‘gardeners’ have not discovered this shrub.

  6. My absolute favorite is the Pakalana from Hawaii, which is a vine that has small clusters of tiny flowers, and one or two small flowers will scent an entire yard during a still night. It is an airy fragrance like Lily of the Valley, but with a light Jasmine, Freesia like nuance. Very difficult to find, but once you get a clipping, it grows rapidly and is strong. My second favorite is the Yellow Oleander, with an airy, perfume like quality. I can actually imagine it alone being used as a single note perfume as is, that is how airy and aromatic it is without being heady. I could intoxicate myself with either of those all day.

  7. I like your flowers ideas. It’s very useful and impressive.
    It’s best for everyone. Flowers are best gifts for anyone. These flowers are best smelling flowers.

  8. THEY ARE ALL WRONG… The most fragrantly diverse and one of the most pungent is probably CANNABIS. which contains over 100 different turpenes, lemonenes, red fruits, resins, peppers, sage scents, banna pineapple etc… bv 100 different ones!!! which makes cannabis the most aromatically complex plant, for volatile essential oils…. it is also fairly productive.

  9. Sampaguita, Plumeria, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang , Rose and Stargazer are among plants in my garden plus jamaican jasmine, yesterday today and tomorrow, dama de noche camia, and 2 sweet smelling orchids are in my garden still finding other fragrant flowers your articles will helpe a lot.

  10. Here in The Philippines one of my favorite flowers was ALAS SUERTE, the color of its petal are white, a size of Star Gazer Lily. It only blooms once in a year at about 11 pm only and close it petal at dawn. Its scent of this flower was very aromatic as when you smell it you felt that you were enchanted. Actually, you can see the pics on my FB wall.

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