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15 Money Saving Gardening Tips | Ways To Save Money In Garden

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but if you want, you can save a lot of money with the help of these money saving gardening tips. Check out!

1. Make your own compost

tips to create a perfect compost

Why you consider buying compost from gardening stores when you can make your own from organic waste easily. Making compost doesn’t require a big yard! You can use grass clippings, kitchen waste, twigs. However, there are a few things you should avoid throwing in the compost pile. You can also read our composting tips for help.

2. DIY newspaper pots to start seeds


Don’t spend money on buying seed starting trays and pots, there is a better way– Make newspaper pots. These pots are biodegradable and absolutely free. Visit instructables.com to see the tutorial, hgtv.com has an informative post on this too.

3. Grow potatoes in burlap sacks or bags


If you don’t have space for growing potatoes in raised beds, instead of buying pots you can use burlap bags and sacks. Of course, the yield won’t be as high as raised beds but you’ll get some decent harvest. There are many tutorials available on the web for your help.

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4. Propagate plants to multiply them


Plant propagation is the surest way to multiply your plants and saving your money. You can multiply the plants by various ways– Cutting, layering, division etc. If you’re not familiar with different plant propagation methods, this article on Planet Natural will surely help you.

5. Do mulching to save money

hay makes the great mulch
hay makes the great mulch

If you’re not new to gardening you already know that a layer of mulch can do wonders in the garden. First, it saves water. It also prevents unwanted plants from popping out here and there, which means less weeding and no herbicides. Mulching also improves the soil fertility and its structure. Maintaining a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around your established trees and shrubs insulate their roots and save them from the exploits of weather.

6. Avoid impulse buying


Avoid impulse buying, whether you’re buying plants or shopping for something else. Do proper research and think whether you have space for this plant. Applying this tip can help you saving plenty of money.

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7. Use Vinegar


Vinegar has myriads of uses in the kitchen but it can also do miracles in the garden. You can use vinegar in many ways in the garden to save money as well as to keep your garden chemical-free. Read more on it here.

8. Use used coffee grounds and tea bags in garden


Make your plants lush and happy with the use of used coffee grounds and tea leaves. Coffee grounds have many other myriads of uses. Tear open some used tea bags and disperse the contents around the plants. Tea leaves will nourish your plants every time you water by increasing nitrogen levels, improving soil structure and giving earthworms something delicious to eat. Here are more ways to use tea bags in the garden.

9. Repel Pests Naturally with Citrus Peels


If your plants are suffering from mild pest infestation avoid using chemical pesticides and try to repel them by using citrus peels. Simply tear the citrus peels into small pieces place around the affected plant or tear a hole in the peel and attach the peel to a stem near the infected area. It may not be as effective as using chemical pesticides but it’s natural and organic. More citrus peel uses here.

10. Use Cardboard to Suppress Weeds


If you are looking for any effective organic solution to stop weeds in the garden your search ends here– Using cardboard is one of the best ways to stop weeds. It is completely biodegradable and lasts for a season or two. First of all, trim the grasses or weeds to the ground level and then just lay down the cardboard pieces above those unwanted plants. Once done, soak the cardboard slightly with a garden hose and cover it with a thick layer of mulch or rock. Check out more uses for cardboard in the garden here.

11. Use cooking water to fertilize plants


When you boil or steam some vegetables on the stove top, don’t pour the water down the drain. Once the water has cooled, pour this vegetable water in your plants to fertilize them instead of wasting it. You can also do the same with your boiled egg water.

12. Test your soil


Although a soil test may first seem like an extra expenditure but it can save a lot of money. The soil test will pinpoint which nutrients your soil lacks, making clear which fertilizers and plants to buy. It will also increase the productivity of your garden. You can also test your soil at home.

13. Use Grass Clippings


Using grass clippings in the garden is a great way to save money on lawn fertilizers. Simply leave grass clippings on your lawn after mowing and they will save up to 25% consumption of lawn fertilizers. Check out more grass clipping uses.

14. Use Bricks in Landscaping


Bricks are one of the oldest materials we are still using, they are used in construction, but do you know using bricks in garden is possible, too. There are myriads of uses of bricks in the garden, check out.

15. Use Kitchen Scraps in the Garden


You can easily save a few bucks off your grocery bill by growing a few of those staples from your diet. You don’t need seeds or anything fancy. You can simply use kitchen scraps from your next meal. Check out this infographic to learn how to grow food from kitchen scraps. via Jerryjamesstone

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Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but if you want, you can save a lot of money with the help of these money-saving gardening tips. Check out!



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